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Search animated GIFs on the web

It doesn't matter in what kind of mood you are, find the perfect GIF to express it. GIPHY will provide you with all sort of amazing and funny GIFs.

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A GIF Museum. Amazing GIFs, curated daily

GIFMUSE is a curated gallery of micro animations that elevate the animated GIF as artistic work. Thank you to all the artists and designers of motion graphics and generative art that give us the pleasure of these simple artworks.

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Say less, express more, create animated emojis

Create and send fun animated GIFs made with emojis to your friends via iMessage, WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger and Snapchat.

How does it work?

1- Use your favorite keyboard to type your emojis and text

2- We do the magic and create an animated GIF with your emojis or text

3- You share it with your friends, see their reactions

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Product Hunt for GIFs

The Wonder of Tech
Q. I'm a big fan of GIF's and I've really been enjoying PopKey. I started using it as an app and thanks for letting us know about it coming to the computer! I see GIFs everywhere now and with PopKey I can add GIFs easily. So much fun!
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Make gifs from your pictures. Create & share your story

Snapgif is the coolest and easiest gif maker from photos to create stories

☝️ Snap


Snap photos and/or choose some from your albums

✌️ Gif


Add text, filters, stickers...

👉 Share Your Gif Story to any apps


🎁 Suggested Stories


Feeling lazy? Snapgif creates automatically fun Gif from your pics stored in your phone.

5 Alternatives to SnapGif

What's the best app for saving GIFs?

Brandon ElwoodOwner, AppJester
Giphy - Search animated GIFs on the web
"You can use Giphy to save your favorite GIFs and search for them afterwards."
Gfycat - Turn GIFs into lightweight HTML5 videos that you can share
"Gfycat allows you to track the stats of your GIFs. It's always nice to see how many views you are getting vs other GIF sites which hide tha… See more
Recordit - A faster way to take screencasts Free + GIF Support
"A great + easy way to create, share, and save gifs"

What's the best way to edit GIFs from Giphy on iOS?

Esteban Aravena
Giphy - Search animated GIFs on the web
"Looked into this... surprisingly did not find an app to do this *from* Giphy on iOS, but I always end up going to Giphy's Caption tool on w… See more
GIF Editor - Add special effects to GIFs on GIPHY
"To add to Niv's suggestion, GIPHY has another web tool called GIF Editor that lets you add stickers and captions:… See more

What's the easiest way to create GIFS?

Shalvi G
GIPHY Capture 3.0 - The best way to make GIFs just got better
"this one is really great. I use it to annoy my friends with ridiculous gifs"
GIF Brewery 3.0 - Video to GIF creator
"Otherwise - Gif Brewery. Convert video to gif. Record screen or record camera. You can put overlays. Enhanced frame and loop settings. PLUS… See more
Giphy - Search animated GIFs on the web
"Have you tried it before? I did, it's super easy. Just drag and drop thingy!"

What product on Product Hunt do you wish you had launched?

Ben TossellminiOS
Product Hunt 4.0 - Now with Reviews, Badges, Web Links, and more ✨
Slack - Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.
"For it's versatility, ease of use and with all the integrations to other apps and programs this is an invaluable team tool."
Stripe Atlas - The best way to start an internet business
"So awesome! It'll help us soon!"
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