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Make animated GIFs into paper flip books

8 Alternatives to GifBook

Video to flipbook converter. Free shipping.

A new way to say "Miss you" 🌼, "Love you" 💛, "Happy birthday!" 🎁, or even "Will you marry me?" 👰. Upload video, enter shipping details and get your flipbook printed & delivered to you. Pretty fast.

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Send the gift of memes this holiday season 💌 is a website that lets you send a Meme as a Postcard to a friend/family member/enemy/cat/???

Try us out to send memes this holiday season!


PS: Sarah is currently finishing up college and is looking for a job, so email her at if you think she’d be a good fit for your company.

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Medium is a website that lets you send a Meme (or rather any image) as a postcard to a friend/family member/enemy/cat/???. If you think this is cool, funny or just plain stupid support us on Product Hunt. My friend (Sarah) and I were looking for a silly side project to play around with while trying to get better with our React Skills.
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Slice up gifs into art for your walls

Gif Slice lets you convert any gif into a piece of artwork for your walls. It works by converting the gif to a cube and then letting you take a 2D slice of that cube. Each slice captures multiple frames of the original gif. You can then order matte prints of the slices (optional framed) on the site

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Turn gifs into physical cubes

Turn any gif into a physical cube. The cubes are made of colored sandstone and come in two sizes: 1.5 inch and 2.5 inch. The cube is created extruding the frames of the gif out into a 3D volume

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Cube you a gif
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