Alternative products to GIF Resizer

5 alternative and related products to GIF Resizer

GIF Resizer

Create animated GIFs and resize GIFs too big to tweet!

5 Alternatives to GIF Resizer

Your clipboard in the cloud

Ben Lang
Ben Lang- Shipping
Taking screenshots will never be the same again for you. Huge Cloudapp fan.
Kate- Head of Social @ GitHub
Screenshots, gifs, videos, CLOUDAPP DOES IT ALL 🙌 And not only does it do it all, but it does it so much better than any other similar product. They've got cloud storage, such efficient link sharing, easy downloads... If you ever use screenshots or record your screen for any reason, you should be using this.
TrooMobile- New Product Junkie!
It does just what it says: Communicate faster, visually. It's so much easier to snap a screenshot and "point" the issue or bug or whatever then to try and explain using words :)
26 Alternatives to CloudApp 3.0

Record videos/GIFs from the menu bar, with all new features!

Sutrishna Saha
Sutrishna Saha- Digital Marketing Manager
Most of the time, this doesn't work. I have experienced it couple of times.
Abhishek Biswal
Abhishek Biswal
Not a direct solution. But I use it for "storing & forgetting". Their menu bar app allows searching by name, contents, text or color. Again, might not work for you in some cases.
Mike Coutermarsh
Mike Coutermarsh- Code @ GitHub
I use cloudapp the most out of any menu bar app. Screenshots/gifs/annotations and easy sharing are super important when working with a remote team. So I use it constantly! 😀
Rating and price
4 Alternatives to CloudApp

Resize, crop, and edit GIFs in your browser

Michael Sengbusch
Michael Sengbusch- CEO, @Eletype
I found it easy, fast, clean, and it got the job done.
Nivas Ravichandran
Nivas Ravichandran- Product Marketing - Freshsales CRM
I have personally loved EZGIF. Super simple and direct. Has always worked.
Camp Olivia
Camp Olivia- Loving cool things in this world!
This one is really an easy and brilliant option! Online-based, totally free, create a gif in less than 1 min. Great help for my SNS marketing!
8 Alternatives to ezGIF

ResizePixel is a free image editor to crop, resize, flip, rotate and convert image online. Upload an image, apply tools and download the result image in three steps. Supports desktop, tablet and smartphone devices.

ResizePixel- Creator of
Try ResizePixel. It's free, mobile friendly and easy to use online image editor.
ResizePixel- Creator of
ResizePixel is easy to use free online image editor. It's mobile-friendly, fast and secure service.
ResizePixel- Creator of
ResizePixel is easy to use online image editor for everyday usage
7 Alternatives to ResizePixel
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