Alternative products to Get More Done: The Complete Introduction to Task Management

5 alternative and related products to Get More Done: The Complete Introduction to Task Management

Get More Done: The Complete Introduction to Task Management

Your quick-start guide to better productivity

My Desk

A smart task manager for freelancers

Steve Sion- CEO, VRPlay
Giovanni Petris
Very nice
Eva Reder- Growh Hacker, Traveler, Founder
YES! I use AND CO (previously My Desk) every single day for invoicing, payments, expense tracking, time tracking and to-do's. Together with Asana this is my every-day setup.
7 Alternatives to My Desk

Do more in less time! Kurator lets you curate and save research and favorite sites in curation folders.

Pin curation folders as tabs, and access links instantly.

Kurator scrapes sites and stores, images, comments and tags. Filter your lists using your own tags.

Share your research in folders, or publish them online.

Karan Bavandi- CEO, Optimal Access Inc.
Curate your tabs, organize them in folders, and access them all from one tab! I usually ping my Kurator folder, so its always there. Now you can close your tabs, knowing that they are instantly accessible when you need them. Each folder can be a session, so similar to session buddy, except that you control what goes where! Same with Onetab!
Karan Bavandi- CEO, Optimal Access Inc.
Kurator lets you save all your articles, add comments and tags so you remember why you saved them, organize them in different folders (akin to storing different sessions), and access all your links under one tab (similar to OneTab functionality). Within each folder, a preview pane shows displays the comment, and publisher, author and tag column let you sort… See more
Karan Bavandi- CEO, Optimal Access Inc.
Kurator lets me easily curate a link, save it to a folder, and add comments and tags. I then pin that tab, in my browser, so I can get to any link instantly. This removes tab clutter, and lot of time searching for information. Because I organize them, I always know where everything is. I also share my links with colleagues and clients. Much more effecti… See more
Optimal Access
A recent study by Infodesk shows that poorly curated and hard to find content is costing you valuable time! Even the most conservative estimates suggest that the average information user spends a minimum of two hours per week looking for information. So, stop searching and start organizing.
Optimal Access
Backlinks are a strong indicator of popularity for search engines. In order to rank for the top 10 searches (SERP) on google, you need a well crafted backlink strategy. Depending on the keyword you want to rank for, you will need anywhere between 15 to over a hundred backlinks, per post.
5 Alternatives to Kurator


Task management for real teams

Collaborate in teams and organize tasks and projects. See who is responsible with clear priorities and due dates. Access files and conversations within the app in each task and project. Create task triggers and automate your work flow in new ways.

The app is for Mac, iOS, Web & Android, completely free to use, and in English, Spanish, and German.

Josh Hood- Digital and Social Media Manager, Cirkus
You can sign up to Cirkus now for free! You can also get Pro features for life if you refer 3 friends to sign up before the end of 2018. Sounds like it could be just what you need.
5 Alternatives to Cirkus


Team Messaging. Task Boards. Collaboration.

Team Messaging. Task Boards. Collaboration.

Vabotu helps you be more productive with a set of tools designed to get things done efficiently, beautifully and on time.

vabotu | Work. In harmony.
Cross-team communication can be a challenge. Advertising agencies and design studios have a unique internal dynamic that not many others businesses experience. If you work in a typical professional business, for example, let's say an accounting firm, most everyone around you will be an accounting professional and then perhaps some administrative and business… See more
vabotu | Work. In harmony.
We are more connected than ever, yet, with so many communication tools permeating our lives and our work, it seems like we are becoming less and less effective at communicating. We feel busy just from the thought of everything we have to remember to keep on top of.
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