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German Corona-Warn App alternatives and competitors

The Corona-Warn-App helps to quickly disrupt chains of infection. It turns your smartphone into a warning system. The app informs us if we have had contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19. It protects us and others around us, as well as our privacy.
Top German Corona-Warn App alternatives
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  • The application helps you to find out how many such people are right next to you and how many people with poor health you met in a day. Share your health anonymously (especially if you feel bad) to defeat the virus altogether.
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  • Eatalo

    Eatalo solves the pain of contact tracing for restaurants and pubs due to COVID-19 restrictions. Customers scan the QR-Code, enter their details and are able to view the digital menu. We support multi-languages check-ins. 900 monthly free check-ins.
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  • Crowdtrace

    Crowdtrace is your all-in-one screening and tracing app. It records employee health statuses and formulates internal contact networks with a foolproof, in-house algorithm, all so you can make data-driven decisions to keep your space safe and COVID-free.
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  • Preventiv uses Bluetooth LE to keep you safe when social distancing is not possible. Receive instant alerts when you are exposed to COVID-19 in public environments. Download the Android app today and the iOS app is coming soon!
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