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Generated Photos
Rights-free faces made using AI
New platform, new faces, new styles. ⠀
Meet Generated Photos — the most consistent AI-generated media available.⠀
• Radically improved quality
• Natural styling option
• Transparent backgrounds
• 2 million+ faces
• Advanced filtering and sorting
3 Alternatives to Generated Photos

We are happy to share with you a massive free resource of 100k faces, generated from scratch using AI.
This project showcases a glimpse into the technology we are building to create media on-demand.

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One of the most popular needs for design projects and presentations is photos of people. You want them diverse, free and legal, don't you? What's more, you don't want to spend your precious time looking for what you need scattered all around the Web.
The Internet Of All Things
This article was first published on our sister Site, Whats New On The Net . The way artificial intelligence (AI) is changing our lives can no longer be ignored. The creators say this: One area where AI is making waves is image processing & facial recognition.
For most design projects and presentations, a common part is searching for photos of people. What designers strive for is quality images that are also diverse, free and legal. What's more, it often means spending precious time looking for the proper photo content all around the Web.
The Verge
It's getting easier and easier to use AI to generate convincing-looking, yet entirely fake, pictures of people. Now, one company wants to find a use for these photos, by offering a resource of 100,000 AI-generated faces to anyone that can use them - royalty free.
A startup thinks it can solve diversity issues in stock imagery by replacing real people with algorithmically-generated portraits of people who don't exist. Generated Photos, a collection of 100,000 images of AI-generated faces, is owned by Icons8, a company that makes stock icons and illustrations for designers.
We have already witnessed how Artificial Intelligence can help when it comes to generating faces. If you are still curious, you can check out ThisPersonDoesNot - which will generate random faces every time you reload the webpage. Now, Generated Photos is the next big thing to watch out for.
DIY Photography
We've already seen that AI-generated faces can look so realistic that it's sometimes difficult to distinguish them from real ones. And if you want to put a fake headshot to use, Generated Photos lets you choose from 100,000 AI-generated faces. They're all free for download and you can use them whichever way you want.
Fast Company
If you've ever looked at a prescription drug ad and wondered to yourself whether that happy, mid-60s couple could possibly be real, well, that reality is about to get a whole lot more confusing to ponder. Because AI could soon encroach on the territory of those models, whether actors you see in ads or the models who sit for stock photography.
Computer Business Review
Add to favorites We're all familiar with the wierd stock photo: women laughing at salads; a nun hanging out with a fish; the hoodie-wearing hacker watching endless Matrix re-runs. Now, New York-based Icons8 wants to help those seeking images of anonymously handsome people in their presentation, by offering a royalty-free portfolio of 100,000 AI-generated fac… See more
11 Alternatives to 100,000 Faces

This Person Does Not Exist presents a random, computer generated photo of a fictional person. Refresh the page each time for a new face.

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The Next Web
The most impressive magic trick AI's learned in the modern era is the one where it conjures people out of thin air. And there's no better machine learning-powered wizardry than Nvidia's. Nvidia is a company most lauded for its impressive graphics cards.
25 Alternatives to This Person Does Not Exist

We're sharing a free collection of 25k HiRes stock photos with customizable AI-synthesized people. For this collection we focused on increasing diversity in model appearance. Reach out if you want us to create a unique model for your visuals.

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In September, we saw the launch of Generated Photos, a collection of 100,000 images of AI-generated faces for use in stock images. Another company, Rosebud AI, is now taking that concept a step further, with faces that aren't just part of a static, stock database, but customizable and personalizable.
Washington Post
Artificial intelligence start-ups are selling images of computer-generated faces that look like the real thing, offering companies a chance to create imaginary models and "increase diversity" in their ads without actually needing human beings. One firm is offering to sell diverse photos for marketing brochures and has already signed up clients, including a d… See more
Digital Synopsis
Rosebud AI, a San Francisco-based synthetic media company, has come up with a brilliant resource called Generative Photos - a diverse library of 25,000 high-res stock photos that are free to use*. None of the people in the images are real. All faces have been generated by artificial intelligence.
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