Alternative products to GDPR Checker by Siftery Track

30 alternative and related products to GDPR Checker by Siftery Track

GDPR Checker by Siftery Track
Check your vendors for GDPR compliance

GDPR checker is a curated list of vendor-submitted GDPR compliance statements and practices. It's a public-facing tool that's part of Siftery Track's SaaS vendor management solution.

Powerful product analytics.
30 Alternatives to GDPR Checker by Siftery Track

Be transparent with your users and honor their privacy - whilst respecting UX, too. Metomic is the new way to ask users for cookie consent that doesn’t sacrifice usability. A plug-and-play widget, it feels native on just about any site. All for free.

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The conversation surrounding 'consent' in terms of data is dark and messy. Time to get a torch, I think. First thing's first: what do I even mean when I say 'data'? Let's just look at data as information. It could be information about yourself, about someone else, about the colour...
🎵 Blue moon, you saw me standing alone with a trillion other humans 🎵 When Jeff Bezos woke up one morning and finally realised that we've accidentally spent many decades pounding the earth into toxic mulch, he did what any other sane multi-billionaire would do: he announced that we should...
8 Alternatives to Metomic Cookie Widget

Naughty List is a list of tech companies that won't delete your information

services with the highest rank have the worst policies.

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In trying to delete a few accounts, some services outright refused to delete my info, without giving any reason. Therefore, I've decided in to create a naughty list of tech companies who don't respect your right to your own information.
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