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Game of Coins

Game of Coins alternatives and competitors

2 reviews

Game of Coins is a virtual portfolio that allows you to invest in Cryptocurrency without any of the risk. Virtually manage your fantasy portfolio and track your success on the leaderboard.

Top alternatives for Game of Coins

  • Cryptominded

    6 reviews

    Cryptominded is a curated directory of the best cryptocurrency resources. We're slowly transforming the website into the best place for beginners to learn about cryptocurrencies. We recently build the 'WhereToBuy' tool, which you can use to find the perfect exchange available to you to buy cryptocurrencies. Check it out!

    time will tell.

  • CryptoLadder

    3 reviews

    CryptoLadder is a live ranking of over 500 cryptocurrencies — providing the quickest and easiest way for you to track how coins are performing against each other. Watch as coins move up and down the ladder in real-time!

    It's a fun app! Basically a better version of coinmarketcap.com. Best way to casually update yourself on the crypto market I've seen so far.…

    See more
  • CryptoMoney

    1 review

    CryptoMoney is A customizable dashboard for all your cryptocurrency needs.

    Loved the service and constantly using it. Just a dash of tweaking to make it super extra awesome

  • CoinList

    6 reviews

    CoinList is building the platform where the best digital asset companies run their token sales.

  • Crypto Investment

    Create your cryptocurrency investment portfolio
  • ICO Watchdog

    ICO Watchdog offers 100% FREE REAL-TIME CRYPTOCURRENCY ALERTS for all your favorite messaging applications .

  • BeerBucket

    BeerCoin is a completely virtual money, you can send some to any of your friends completely for free.

    But be careful, even if it's free, when you send beercoins to someone, you instantly make a moral contract with that person and you will then owe that person the equivalent of the beercoins you sent in actual beer in your beloved pub!

  • Dappy Coin

    Dappy Coin is a semi-decentralized game that acts as an introduction to blockchain, over 30 cryptocurrencies, and utilizing Ethereum. Start as the lowly US dollar and gain points by playing the game to unlock new cryptocurrencies all while learning about each unlocked coin, blockchain, and how Ethereum works and is utilized!

  • CryptoTrakr

    Cryptocurrencies tracker and manager
  • Papercrypto

    1 review
    Papercrypto is a completely free cryptocurrency trading game. It allows you to trade the top cryptocurrencies risk-free and compete in contests for real cryptocurrency prizes.
  • Merrier

    1 review

    Merrier helps you overcome anxiety by transforming your worries into a fun game. Conquer your fears and build confidence as you complete quests and win rewards!

    This app has a cool medieval theme and really helps with social anxiety!

  • Tech Trumps

    Make TECH TRUMPS that extra special present for a co-founder, startup colleague, developer friend or family member who works in TECH.

    36 cards featuring the finest entrepreneurs and founders of today. Lovingly packaged in a high-quality tuck box for maximum portability this festive season.

  • Virus Fight Club

    4 reviews
    Virus Fight Club is a coronavirus-themed mobile game, designed for a bit of fun while everyone stays inside.
    It is a platform-style game where the game’s hero, MG, needs to follow WHO recommendations to survive and save the world from the virus 🌎
  • Mamkin Trade

    1 review
    Have you ever felt like "omg if only I bought bitcoin in 2009, I would be a triple billionaire by now"? Well, now you can actually check it!
    Register, get virtual $10 000, trade, compete with others. No ads, completely free, show them how it's done!

    I would like to see more trade pairs. At least all those that are on Binance. Thanks you!

  • ERC dEX

    ERC dEX is a non-custodial, peer-to-peer trading platform for Ethereum tokens.


    BUSTA is an enormous and ambitious ecosystem which will soon be populated by multiple games and tokens. Accompanied by it's own DEX, Staking pools, Affiliate and Partner programs, and DAO, it is truly unique in it's intricately weaved architecture.
  • Tokenpad

    2 reviews

    Tokenpad products support the entire token lifecycle for investors and issuers, starting with syndication.

    1. Organize your group privately and import from Telegram

    2. Automated & decentralized from contribution to distribution

    3. Portfolio for tracking ICOs + existing tokens

    4. Stay compliant with KYC, country restrictions, and address whitelists

    I love it! Hope more people can use it !