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Gabi monitors car and home insurance rates from all carriers and provides unbiased advice on the optimal coverage. Our tool saves customers $720 on average. We never spam, cold-call, and it's 100% free!

Top Gabi - Free Insurance Helper alternatives
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  • Quipcare

    Dental made simple. Browse, book, and pay less for the care you need, all in one place.
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  • Better for Android makes getting paid back by your health insurance as easy as taking a photo. Download the app, add your insurance information, and file a claim. Better does the rest. Available now on the Google Play Store!
    If you have questions, the Better team is always here to help:
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    Considering the complete ease of use, it's nice to have a way to handle this both as a patient and a health care provider. Being able to tak…

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  • Compare car insurance from top companies in chat
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  • Avibra

    Avibra is a 100% free-to-use app that rewards your good habits with life insurance coverage. We use data science and machine learning to track your everyday habits and let you know what you are doing well in areas that span across health, finances, career, relationships and your community.

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  • Cuvva Smart Pricing

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    Insurance pricing is usually based on everything except how you actually drive.
    So we built rolling monthly car insurance that reflects how you actually drive. Get up to a third off every month on fully comprehensive, fully flexible cover.
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  • GroMo

    We help India’s 4 Million Independent Insurance agents acquire new customers and sell products for multiple insurance companies on a single platform. Mobile friendly CRM for agents with WhatsApp integration to manage customers efficiently.
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  • The Zebra

    Compare car insurance rates & coverage
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  • SmarTrade

    Free options
    SmarTrade is a FinTech company that helps business ensures all their deals and transactions using a centralized platform.
    Using SmarTrade payment technology helps companies to offset the contract payment risk by addressing upfront all the underlying issues.
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  • Flora is the first 100% digital insurance brand in Belgium.
    We believe insurance should be simple, transparent, paperless and smooth. Our first product is for tenants who believes that taking an insurance should be as simple as ordering a pizza...
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  • ThatPurr

    ThatPurr.com is how you get the contact details for a car in your way. Ever been blocked by another car and need to get out? Found an abandoned car? Well now you can contact the owner directly as they now have a platform to submit their contact details.

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