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4 alternative and related products to Futuramo Visual Tickets

Futuramo Visual Tickets
Requests, feedback and ideas shared visually

Futuramo Visual Tickets is a bug tracking app with a powerful annotation tool to speed up work on any project.

4 Alternatives to Futuramo Visual Tickets

Pitch your ideas, get constructive feedback!

Meja is a place to pitch ideas and get feedback. A place for creative people like you. Find your early-adopters and your new team mates!

Joshua Tabakhoff
Joshua Tabakhoff- Student Indie Maker
Meja is a platform I built specifically for sharing ideas and giving/receiving feedback -no marketing thing- it's pretty calm now but we're working on new things, maybe you should give it a try!
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Catch visual regressions before they reach your live website

Trakr is an automated visual testing tool that gives quality assurance (QA) engineers, project managers, and others the ability to check for visual defects on web-apps and websites after any code deployments.

Around the web
At Trakr (, we are always looking for new creative ideas, innovations that help our users and make the product the best visual testing platform on the market. One of the biggest opportunity for automated visual testing is to minimize false positives from the testing process on websites, let me explain.
Trakr is a great tool to help you test for visual regressions on your website for each code deployment. We have provided some best practices so that you can unlock even more power from the product: 1. Selecting the right device/breakpoints for your projects.
4 Alternatives to Trakr
Discover your next favorite thing

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