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10 alternative and related products to Fun Learn

Fun Learn
Make Alexa your kid's English teacher!

Fun Learn is a skill to learn to pronounce English words, spell them, learn their meanings, the part of speech they are, and also an example sentence that uses the word! Fun Learn is your kid's new English teacher now! Simply open the skill, select the level you want to play and learn. Fun learn is a part of #AmazonAlexaKidSkillChallenge

10 Alternatives to Fun Learn

A suite of Alexa skills to aid children learning Phonics

Have you heard your kids sounding out letters when they read or, pretend ants are running up their arms? Then your kids are learning to read using the Phonics system. Phonics is how schools learn to read. We are building a suite of technology tools that use voice interaction to support children’s learn through Phonics at school.

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Technology is an important aid to education. As more of our daily lives involve technology we need to teach the next generation how to get the best out of it. As parents, we are always looking for new ways to help support our children alongside the curriculum they learn through school.
4 Alternatives to Learning With Voice
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