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5 alternative and related products to Fruji


Analyze your most influental Twitter followers

5 Alternatives to Fruji

Find your target audience & powerful influencers on Twitter

Jaseem Jas
Jaseem Jas- iOS developer, Monkey Business
With Tweeple Search, you can: - Find target audience or influencers in any domain sorted by follower count - Analyze your competitor’s Twitter followers to understand their marketing patterns - Compare different Twitter accounts to see what they have in common and how they differ - Find powerful Twitter influencers based on keywords in popular content they … See more
Ayush Mittal
Ayush Mittal- bro @boombro, Founder RefR ✌
Find highly relevant audience & powerful influencers on Twitter. You can search by preset queries like 'Entrepreneur', 'Product Hunt', etc. You have a number of filters that help you to further zero in on your target, limiting results by location for example. Their Analyzer tool is handy and shows you the hashtag cloud, tweets, follows, following, tweet… See more
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Auto-amplify your business and Tweets with a subscription

Promote Mode is an always-on, amplification engine. It automatically promotes your Tweets and profile, steadily attracting more followers and additional reach for a flat fee of $99 per month. There’s no ad campaign management necessary. People using Promote Mode just Tweet as they normally do -- publishing updates for their audience.

Around the web
Today, we're excited to launch a public beta version of Promote Mode, Twitter's first subscription ads product. We know that budding businesses and individuals with personal brands want to grow their presence on Twitter, but this can be hard - especially for those who are new to Twitter.
The Drum
Twitter is looking to simplify the way advertisers interact with its platform by rolling out a self-serve advertising subscription tool, Promote Mode, which gives advertisers the chance to automate their promoted tweets by paying a monthly subscription fee.
Twitter unveiled in its Q3 earnings report that it had been testing a new, self-serve advertising subscription aimed at small businesses. That service, known as Twitter Promote Mode, is officially launching today with the goal of letting small businesses and personal brands more easily run ad campaigns on Twitter's platform by automating them, for the price … See more
Marketing Land
With a lot of unsold inventory and not enough advertisers to buy it, Twitter is trying to address its demand dilemma. Over the summer, Twitter began testing a subscription-based ad-buying program through which brands could opt to pay Twitter $99 a month and have the company promote their accounts and tweets for them.
Promote Mode is primarily a mobile feature users can readily access through the Twitter app's menu drawer. It's where they can see all the numbers that matter, including how many followers they've gained and the number of people who saw their tweets and visited their profiles.
Twitter has rolled out a subscription ad service that charges $99 a month for to automatically promote tweets to bigger audiences. Called "Promote Mode," it gives subscribers up to 10 promoted tweets a day. It's designed for small businesses and brands that don't want the hassle of managing sophisticated ad campaigns.
Twitter announced during its third-quarter-2017 earnings report that it was testing a self-serve advertising subscription offering, and that offering is launching Wednesday. Director of product management Wook Chung announced in a blog post that the social network is launching a public beta version of Promote Mode, Twitter's first subscription ad product.
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Business Insider
Twitter has rolled out a subscription ads product that helps small brands automatically grow their follower base and amplifies their tweets to reach more people Promote Mode is available for a flat fee of $99 a month But it may not be the bets short-term strategy, as Snap's dilution of ad prices in its third quarter showed.
The Next Web
Over the past few months, Twitter has been quietly experimenting with a service that lets users promote itself for a flat fee of $99 per month, called Twitter Promote Mode. If you're a brand new to Twitter, or an aspiring influencer (gag), this will let help you build an audience - at least, in theory.
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