Alternative products to From Visitor to Ambassador by Viral Loops

8 alternative and related products to From Visitor to Ambassador by Viral Loops

From Visitor to Ambassador by Viral Loops
A playbook about how you can make users adore you 😻

We crafted this playbook with one goal in mind: To give a step-by-step approach on how you can start a referral marketing campaign from scratch and make it successful.

Most of the tactics mentioned in this playbook apply to all viral and referral campaigns—even if you don’t use Viral Loops.

8 Alternatives to From Visitor to Ambassador by Viral Loops

The new book from Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup

From New York Times bestselling author of The Lean Startup, Eric Ries, The Startup Way explores how the practices of successful startups can apply to any organization looking to navigate the uncertain waters of the twenty-first century. The new book explores how any company, regardless of size or industry, can act entrepreneurially.

Guillaume Bardet
Guillaume Bardet- Working on
Here is a few I have finished on my audible, they are quite interesting!
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In 'The Startup Way,' Eric Ries shows how entrepreneurial management can revitalize huge companies like GE.
All companies are startups until they aren't. Many struggle to find their way back, too. It's not the days of constrained resources or terrible pay or the heart-stopping uncertainty that they're missing, of course. Instead, the problem is that it's a lot harder to implement change at an "established" organization, particularly one that's making money.
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Project progress from developer activity

Communicate project progress from developer activity with just a few clicks

Focus on the Features

Use the developers natural way of working to report on their progress.

Report in Seconds

Select a project, customise and share the result with a few simple clicks.

Communicate What Matters

Give your stakeholders clear updates for shipped features.

6 Alternatives to Shipping Report

Real-time customer feedback and survey management solution.

The tablet-based customer feedback solution called FeedbacQ enables companies to get live feedback and measure customer experiences. The solution helps in analyzing data to drive strategic business decisions from a customer point of view

11 Alternatives to FeedbacQ

Building 5-6 minimal viable products in 12 months

Baited is an archive of projects and content about building products, growth strategies and sharing the results openly. For the next year I will be creating 5-6 startups and writing content around them.

Dominik Kugelmann
Dominik Kugelmann- I show CEOs how to work form their phone
I found another interesting app for testing and shipping MVP's to test your product(s).
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How to build a simple and effective hero banners that will increase user conversion with examples of good and bad headline and subheader copy
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