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The easiest way to stay connected as a distributed team. It's like a journal for work.
Friday.app helps you automate routine communication like daily standups, weekly status updates, CEO updates, and any other regular communication event you can think of
Video call APIs built for developers
  • Just as your Scrum Master, Standuply collects team answers in Slack and integrates with 3rd party tools for a single standup report.

    Based on data from JIRA, Standuply builds Agile charts and advises how to improve team processes. It’s the basic A.I. on the mission to deploy a digital Scrum Master in every Agile team.

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    Have been using standuply for a few months and it is absolutely brilliant!

    The only thing I think it misses is a way to view the past results…

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  • New Karmabot uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Machine Learning technologies to read, recognise and predict the reasons provided with your karma requests to create a profile for each team member.

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    Excellent and great for every one on this planet!

  • With Workflow Builder, Slack users can easily create custom workflows that allow them to do all sorts of things, like:
    ❓ Standardize how requests are collected
    ⏰ Triage outages in real time
    👋 Get new team members up to speed with welcome messages
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  • The most configurable Slack assistant to collaboratively manage your complex business processes with simplicity and ease.

    Scribe integrates with most popular workplace apps such as Email, Calendar, CRMs and more. You can configure workflows to send data from any of your SAAS apps to Slack, modify it in real time, and send it back to anywhere else

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    It's not easy to create apps with a good UI/UX. Slack has pretty much nailed it esp. wrt messaging and notifications. The fact that Scribe 2…

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