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Free PS to SVG Script
One Click Turns PS in to SVG
Zendesk for Startups
Every customer counts when you're a startup.
4 Alternatives to Free PS to SVG Script

SVGs are small in file-size, high-definition, scalable, supported by modern browsers, and customizable, making them the perfect format for hero images. Create eye-catching backgrounds and patterns for your website or blog with this free tool that can manipulate color, shape, size, etc.... The output is CSS. No server requests or bulky files.

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Bump Set Creative
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) are finding their place across the internet due to these ten amazing characteristics.
15 Alternatives to SVG Background Generator

SVG Splash is a beautifully simple SVG painting application for coloring SVGs. No account required. Key features: Beautiful, simple interface, fill and/or stroke color modes, advanced color selector, one click save, tabs, dark mode, eyedropper, export code

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DEV Community
This is my first dive into Electron and writing desktop apps. I chose Electron due to my existing familiarity with JS and React.js. The documentation is excellent but I found most things required trial and error to get working, especially around the menu.
9 Alternatives to SVG Splash
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