Alternative products to Framer Syntax Theme

9 alternative and related products to Framer Syntax Theme

Framer Syntax Theme

A beautiful VSCode & Atom theme, inspired by our code editor

Syntax is a new theme inspired by the color, clarity and characteristics of Framer’s popular code editor. By using visual aids like specific selection highlighting and custom widget styling, this minimalist dark theme helps you understand the structure of your code, even while editing large files.

9 Alternatives to Framer Syntax Theme

The modern & hackable text editor from GitHub

Brandon Manson
Brandon Manson- Software Engineer
This is my go-to text editor. Super customizable and pleasant to use.
Ben Carlsen
Ben Carlsen- Illustrator, Arkholt Illustration
I love its versatility. It's already a complete coding solution for any codebase you want to use it with, and with just a couple plugins it's become my go to app for writing blog posts with Markdown. No need to use anything else.
Tania Hew
Tania Hew- Founder @AbengCoINC
Good ecosystem. Numerous packages. I like using it. And I love supporting free or open source software.
11 Alternatives to Atom v1.0

A hackable text editor for the 21st Century

Amrith Shanbhag
Amrith Shanbhag- Community at Product Hunt & Feathrd
I'm not a developer by any means, but I've always been hacking on front-end stuff and making landings for all my projects etc. Atom is great because it has a wide range of plugins and customizations that make the whole experience a lot smoother. The best part is it is integrated with GitHub and I use GitHub Pages to host my sites so it's really easy to publi… See more
Christopher Hannah
Christopher Hannah- Swift Developer / Writer
I have to agree with Atom. I came across their Git support by accident the other day, when I was dealing with a failed merge, but the Git integration made it super easy to sort through all the conflicts, stage the changes, and then commit.
Chad Whitaker
Chad Whitaker- Product Designer at AngelList ✌️
If you prefer Github's Atom editor, they recently added a Git workflow directly inside the app. It allows you to stage, cherry pick commits, and push and pull without leaving the editor. I love it because it means one less tool I need to download and use.
1 Alternatives to Atom

This extension integrates GitLab to your VSCode by adding GitLab specific commands to VSCode command palette and status bar.

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We recently did a survey within the Frontend team to see which tools we were using and how we were using them, in order to learn from one another and to build better workflows. Through this survey, we determined that VSCode is the most used IDE within the team.
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