Alternative products to Foxtype Sentence Tree

3 alternative and related products to Foxtype Sentence Tree

Foxtype Sentence Tree

visualize grammatical structure for any sentence.

3 Alternatives to Foxtype Sentence Tree

Clear, effective, mistake-free writing everywhere you type.

Mirza Rizvi Amin
Mirza Rizvi Amin- Be kind work hard deploy self awareness
Been using it for the last 1.5 years. Life saver in word
CJ Avilla
CJ Avilla- Lets build great product!
Can't go wrong with Grammarly, which I'm using right now to check this comment. :) This increases productivity for me because I'm less anxious that I nailed the grammar and can focus on writing.
ronsheridan- Startup Wannabe
Helps dramatically improve written communications every day.
20 Alternatives to Grammarly for Chrome

Clear, effective, mistake-free writing.

Grammarly solves all of your typo problems in a second.

Оleksandra- CEO at INKHUNTER
The application fixes the most common mistakes in a very convenient way and shows statistics based on your emails.
ronsheridan- Startup Wannabe
I get more use out of this than I do most any other tool/app. I feel like everyday is a learning experience with Gramercy. My writing has improved and I am paying closer attention to what I write and how. I am still using the free version but I plan to upgrade. OH and the progress reports it sends each week are smart.
Ivan Burban
Ivan Burban- Head of Digital Marketing at Stripo
It's the best product for me. I use him like extension in Chrome!
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Written communication is more important in today's digital world than perhaps ever before. We're communicating in writing almost constantly throughout the day, but our mobile devices aren't built with grammar and spelling correction in mind. At least, they weren't.
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