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Eye tracking VR headset
6 Alternatives to FOVE

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Arj Singh
Arj Singh- Techie & Photographer
Out of all the headsets I've tried, the Vive has consistently been the best. The headset has excellent quality & the head and controller tracking is outstanding. The ability to move around in the VR experience is probably the best factor for me, while the high quality is in at #2. The only negative I would say is the $1600 (AUD) price tag + the additio… See more
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A software only eye-tracking kit for mobile apps.

Gazeify is an analytical tool that has successfully achieved accurate mobile eye-tracking using software only technology. By leveraging AI and machine learning methods, we process user gaze data and produce scalable metrics to help App Designers and Marketers track user's attention, improve their UI/UX and ultimately drive user behavior outcomes.

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Eye tracking metrics can be valuable tools for marketers and designers to explore key insight regarding user mindset and underlying behaviors that are hard to be detected leveraging conventional means. According to a post by UX Research Articles, there are certain limitations that prevent researchers and UX designers from grasping mobile user insights accura… See more
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Communicate through text to speech by moving your head

Jabberwocky AAC is an assistive communication iOS app enabling users with limited speech to talk using only head movement.

The Jabberwocky app translates your head movement into a cursor you can use to type letters and initiate text-to-speech.

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BridgingApps is pleased to featured Jabberwocky Communication Aid by Swiftable, a new assistive speech app for users who cannot rely on natural speech. The app enables a user with limited speech to talk using text-to-speech. Users only need an iPhone or iPad that supports Face ID.
Today we released a new version of Jabberwocky ! Something that came up when talking with many of you is that a one-time payment option is very important. So, you can now purchase Jabberwocky for a one-time payment of $249.99! As for new features, we spent a lot of time on prediction.
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