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Video-pitch your startup to VCs & angels

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Startup Pitch Decks

Real decks from real startups that raised over $400M

Ben Tossell- Partner, The Upstarters
This is such a great directory of pitch decks, put together nicely :)
Ben Lang- Spoke
Love browsing through these decks.
Eric Frumkin- BD, Call/Text Cloud APIs @
here is what you want -- enjoy.
Ryan Gum- CEO, Attach
Hey all, these decks helped us a ton when putting together our own so hope you find it useful. My favorite deck has to be the Youtube deck - not because of the content of the deck but because of the story surrounding it: Firstly, in the press release I linked up on the page Chad Hurley (Youtube CEO at the time) uses Blockbuster as a positive analogy, "the … See more
Female Entrepreneurs
It's competitive out there, and the competition for investor funds get's more and more ferocious by the minute. The pitch deck is one of the best ways to stand out from your competition, and these $400 million pitch decks have one thing in common, clear!
19 Alternatives to Startup Pitch Decks

The Pitch

The podcast where early stage startups pitch investors

A podcast where real entrepreneurs pitch to real investors—for real money. In each episode, we take you behind closed doors to the critical moment when aspiring entrepreneurs put it all on the line.

Amrith Shanbhag- Community at Product Hunt & Feathrd
One of the first podcasts I actually listened to.
Marc- Software Developer & Product Enthusiast
Among other ones already mentioned, I also look forward every episode of "The Pitch", another way of discovering new products and services by listening to their founders pitch their ideas to investors.
Josh Muccio- Host of The Pitch
Thx @erictwillis 👊 Stoked to be on Product Hunt! We've created The Pitch because we believe it should exist. The world of venture capital is becoming more transparent (less scary) as a result of people like @paulg, and we'd like to help continue this trend with The Pitch. The Pitch takes listeners behind the scenes to hear actual pitches from founders AND… See more
Business Insider
When Silicon Valley venture capitalist and philanthropist Jillian Manus was invited to be a judge on "The Pitch," a podcast in which budding entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a panel of investors, she had one condition. "I wanted it to be the antithesis of 'Shark Tank,'" Manus tells Business Insider.
12 Alternatives to The Pitch

Pitch Deck Template

The easiest way to build your pitchdeck and raise money

Meet Pitch Deck Template, the easiest way to create your ventures pitch deck and start communicating with your investors in clear and engaging way. The template consist of 70 beautifully crafted slides, 100 icons, device mockups, maps and works in PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides. Get started today with 20 days money back guarantee.

Vasyl Slobodian- Entrepreneur, Product Designer, Advisor
Hey Product Hunters! Vasyl is here, founder of Pitch Deck template. Over the last 3 years I have helped more than 30 startups to get "Visual Power" for their investor decks. During my work I have noticed that because of "money saving mode", most founders / startup team can't afford great graphic designers. They're looking for graphic work help on their pitch… See more
10 Alternatives to Pitch Deck Template

Ask a VC anything for $20. Proceeds go to charity.

Roger Dickey- Founder of Gigster - We make apps!
Thanks for checking this out today, Product Hunters! We created because of the huge supply/demand imbalance between a VC partner's time & the founders that want it. Founders get easy, instant, and anonymous access to top VC's to ask whatever they want without fear of embarrassment. VC's get a simple, fun way to donate $20 to charity for a few … See more
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Pitch your startup in 35 seconds and get feedback

Thanks @bramk :) I came up with the idea very recently and had some spare time last weekend, so I put it together. Again, huge thanks to @rrhoover for the inspiration! would love to answer any questions!
4 Alternatives to GoPitch


Best way to pitch your product, your service and yourself

Nathan Derrick- CEO PitchPeddler Inc.
Example: Joy creates mop. Joy wants Target to sell mop. Joy pitches Target on PitchPeddler. Target loves Joy mop & begins selling Joy mop. Joy becomes rich, famous, & is now Jennifer Lawrence. Let PitchPeddler turn you into JLaw.
6 Alternatives to PitchPeddler
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