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6 alternative and related products to Fotofitti


Go "Banksy" on your photos

Banksy Shredder

Upload your art to the online Banksy Shredder

Recreate the Banksy Artwork Shredder Using CSS Grid

CodePen included On Friday, Banksy pranked the world again by shredding "Girl With Balloon" immediately after it fetched $1.4 million in auction. While everyone debates if the artwork has gone up or down in value because of this, I thought it would be fun to recreate the effect in CodePen.IO using CSS Grid.
4 Alternatives to Banksy Shredder

Transform your images into compelling algorithmic art

Transform your images into unique algorithmic illustrations with Built for designers, content creators and marketers.

Use them as feature images for your posts and articles. Perfect as background images for your social media profile or landing pages.

Export as vector format even if you start with a low-res image.

generative.appOnline filter app by Voidworks can apply various procedural effects to images ranging from optical illusion to triangulation and can be saved for free (svg files can be created but are charged). Turn your images into unique illustrations with Built for designers, content creators and marketers.Use it as a feature image for your … See more
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