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9 alternative and related products to Foods Cats Can Eat

Foods Cats Can Eat
An app to check human foods for your cat 😺

Do you have a cat? 🐱

Here's a list of all the things you eat that you can feed to your cat with no problems 😸

9 Alternatives to Foods Cats Can Eat

The trusted cat sitting community

Cat in a Flat connects cat owners with trusted and insured cat loving sitters in their area. Our mission is to help cats stay in the comfort of their own homes while the owner is away.

Cat sitters get to spend time with furry friends and not have to worry about pet bills or long term care, and best of all they get paid to do it!

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HuffPost UK
One of the worst things about being a member of Generation Rent is not being allowed to have pets at home. So we're rather excited that a cat-sitting service may soon become available nationwide. Cat in a Flat, which is currently only available in London, connects cat owners with moggie-loving sitters.
This is Money
Traditionally cat owners would rely on a neighbour or a cattery to take care of their moggy if they were going on holiday. But what if you could find a trusted cat sitter, who lived nearby and was fully insured to check in on your beloved cat and make sure they were okay?
11 Alternatives to Cat in a Flat

Cats love boxes and this box makes them look good!

Cat Bods is a photo booth for your cat. Simply put it is a 12 X 12 cube featuring four images: a flexing male bodybuilder, an astronaut floating in space, an Egyptian sarcophagus, and a chef with baby arms.

5 Alternatives to Cat Bods

Organic, raw & ketogenic dog food delivered

We start from 100% human-grade ingredients from certified sustainable and responsible farms and gently air-dry them under 30 °C / 86 °F in organic 100% green energy powered manufacturing in Bavaria, Germany. We calibrate recipes so that digestible carbohydrates are kept to the absolute minimum.

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Keto Dog Blog
When we think about medicine for our pets we often listen to what the vet orders and give our dog prescribed medication. Sometimes mainstream medicines don't work on our beloved dogs and we need to turn to alternative medicine, or contemporary medicine. Evidence has proven that going these routes works for things like dog cancer, diabetes, and syringomyelia.
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