Alternative products to Foodies: Recipe by ingredients

Foodies: Recipe by ingredients

Search recipes by ingredients. Tons of recipes to choose.

17 alternative and related products to Foodies: Recipe by ingredients


Take a 📸 of food & get tailored recipes powered by AI

PixFood provides you with tailored suggestions on what to eat and cook! 😻

It all starts with you taking a photo of any ingredient you want to cook with, in the kitchen or in the supermarket. After the photo is taken, the app instantly sends you personalized recipe suggestions! 🎯

Check it out and share your feedback! 😎

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Prep new dishes with Plant Jammer's easy dish-builder which combines artificial intelligence with core gastronomical principles such as balancing tastes, contrasting textures and building aroma complexity. Now you can create a recipe using what's in your fridge and never again have to search for recipes.

A former McKinsey consultant has created an app that finds the optimal ingredients for your meal.
Scan Magazine
As the name suggests, Plant Jammer has been developed around the idea that people should try to eat more plantbased food and less meat. "We created Plant Jammer to make meat-free days more achievable, fun and interesting. Reducing our meat consumption is the easiest way to have a positive impact on the environment," explains Michael Haase, founder of Plant J… See more
Good Food
Technology has disrupted almost every industry to date, in ways both great and not so great. But in a world where time is becoming scarcer, the fusion of technology and food is an advantageous one. There is a fresh wave of apps out to change the way we cook; some raising awareness of sustainable cooking, some video apps, and others based on the Tinder model.
10 Alternatives to Plant Jammer


Build recipe and grocery lists from 100+ different blogs

Recidex allows you to collect recipes from your favorite recipe blogs and websites. Simply paste the link to any recipe, and Recidex will collect the recipe information and save it to your cookbook. Search over 10,000 recipes by name, ingredient, or cuisine to discover new recipes and add them to your grocery list when you're headed to the store.

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Curation of the best short video recipes, 40+ tastemakers

Chowii is the best way to search video recipes online. Watch quick video recipes from Tasty to Tastemade, Delish, Food Network and other 40 plus video recipe sites

This article is for us, the chubbies (don't worry, we all have an internal chubby jaja), I want to take you into the world of chowii ... I know at one point in your life, you have surfed social networks and have found that one of your contacts has posted a delicious recipe for your favorite dishes and you can't resist to taste it.
Laughing Squid
Chowii is a website and app that lets users to search for short food recipe videos by specific ingredients. It features searchable recipes from Food Network, Spoon University, Tastemade, and other well known cooking websites. The handy Android app is available to download from the Google Play store.
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Project Foodie is our attempt to create the cookbook of the future - combining the best elements of all the cooking shows, books, apps, how-to videos, classes and programs (eliminating the crappy features) and adding a bunch of our own that were sorely missing.

The Hollywood Reporter
What happens when two brothers grow up to become a television producer and a chef? They team up to create a new interactive video app that purports to teach anyone to become a master chef.
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AI driven food inspiration app.

Foodimus is an AI driven food inspiration app where people share pictures of their culinary creations and tag the ingredients to show what is in their dish. Through tagging users are also able to find food posts based on ingredient combinations. Never run out of food inspiration again!

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Chef Master

Test your culinary expertise against others to win prizes.

Chef Master challenges you to put your creativity to the test! Simply upload a photo of your crafted dishes using our hand selected ingredients of the day, tell us how you did it, and enter to win! The app was designed with your creativity and passion for food in mind. Step outside of your comfort zone and show your community what's cooking!

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Did you have any prior development or coding experience? Yes, I run a development consulting company and I have launched apps previously. What was the most challenging aspect of developing mobile app? The most challenging aspect has been the marketing 100%. Consulting developer who enjoys launching side projects.
5 Alternatives to Chef Master
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