Alternative products to Follow-up Wizard by Sales Torch

11 alternative and related products to Follow-up Wizard by Sales Torch

Follow-up Wizard by Sales Torch
Follow-up with multiple prospect in your email at once 💌

The simplest way to reply to multiple threads at once.

11 Alternatives to Follow-up Wizard by Sales Torch

Nick Abouzeid
Nick Abouzeid- Partner @ Shrug Capital
Slik's incredibly powerful - can't recommend it enough!
Jack Dweck
Jack Dweck- Product Manager at Unroll.Me
Slik let's you find anyone's email address by visiting their LinkedIn profile.
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Soroush Ghodsi, 15, and Stefan Stokic, 16, are among those presenting at Y Combinator's Demo Day on Tuesday. The two teens recently launched Slik, a lead-generation site that allows people to search online using names to get email contact information, and it's been quick to generate revenue.
When 14-year-old app developer Saroush Ghodsi cold-called famed Silicon Valley entrepreneur Sam Altman on a Friday night in January, he had no idea that he and his friend Stefan Stokic, then 16, would go on to become the youngest founders in Y Combinator history.
26 Alternatives to Slik Prospector

FindThatLead Prospector is the best way for finding emails based on your needs. Get qualified leads for your entire sales team in seconds.

Angelo Sorbello
Angelo Sorbello- Entrepreneur & Growth Marketer
Search for new leads and their contact info
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See which companies are using FindThatLead, compare its alternatives, and read reviews from verified users and experts
7 Alternatives to FindThatLead Prospector

Automated daily follow-ups for remote and on-site teams

Daily follow-ups for remote and on-site teams, making it super easy to know what each individual is up to.
Scrum Standups with super powers: multi-timezone, asynchronous, vacation mode, motivation tracker, history & search.
For Slack and Hangouts. For free!

Sergio Florez
Sergio Florez- System Engineer
DailyBot is a chatbot that helps to adopt the daily follow-up practice for remote teams, for an improved communication and a more effective team when it comes to identify and solve problems. It is totally inspired on the Scrum Standup meetings practice, but adapted for remotes that require more asynchronous communication and multiple time zones. It integrate… See more
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What did you do yesterday? What will you do today? What is getting in your way? These 3 easy to answer questions are known as a stand-up meeting and are key for agile teams to keep on track and accomplish their tasks.
Nowadays, there are many task management and productivity tools that can be used along with your team, making it easy to fall in the trap of having too many of them and repeating work. You can even end up using those which don't really add any value.
4 Alternatives to DailyBot

Get up to 32% more revenue with personalised sales videos 📹🤑

Accordium Engage helps salespeople connect with with prospects, build engagement and sell more by integrating personalized sales videos to your proposals. Through videos, you can gain a competitive advantage, and will be able to easily convey key information to all stakeholders in the decision making process.

4 Alternatives to Accordium Engage

Lead Generation + Relationship Intelligence for B2B Sales

LeadCandy is Email Finder + Prospector + Relationship Intelligence + Data Enrichment.

You can build prospect list based on your ideal customer profile, and unlock your team's network to find your best path to those prospects, which helps increase your conversions.

7 Alternatives to LeadCandy

API service and dashboard for identity verification

Alloy is a group of identity verification APIs that make KYC/AML effective and simple. Many sources of data, any custom workflow, one API.

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Alloy provides software for financial services companies to do identification (KYC/AML), risk management, and ongoing compliance via extremely customizable APIs and dashboards. Beyond a single point of integration, companies can analyze and optimize their customer funnels and constantly monitor customer data, fraud, and risk in real time.
24 Alternatives to Alloy
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