Alternative products to Fluid for Sketch

12 alternative and related products to Fluid for Sketch

Fluid for Sketch

Sketch plugin to make your responsive designs more efficient

Craft by InVision

Sketch and PS plugins to pull live data into your designs

Tanmay Desai- will always go the extra mile.
You will not need placeholder text/image anymore. Feed text data using JSON and image data using local folder or cloud services like Pexels. And obviously you can export designs to Invision directly.
Sambruce Joseph- Product Designer
It is still a little buggy but connecting the screens right from Sketch really eases the process.
Matt Mills- Chief Executive Artist, Stock&Render
Check out Craft. They've just added prototyping.
InVision is launching a new set of tools called Craft created to solve the challenges designers face while creating digital products with dated platforms.
Toptal Design Blog
Craft by InVision LABS is a powerful suite of plugins for Sketch. Learn how to super-charge your process and streamline collaboration for your remote team.
Craft by InVision LABS and what makes it innovative for users, developers and partners. Includes press releases, videos, screenshots and downloads.
3 Alternatives to Craft by InVision

Git Sketch Plugin

Version control for designers

Nick Abouzeid- Words at Product Hunt ✌️
Manage different versions of your designs automagically ✨ Perfect for people who *always* want to go back and redo their designs.
Enki Blog
Version control is a system which records and stores every change made to a set of files, so that you can go back to a previous state at any time. Developers have been using this method for a long time (the first kind of version control system was developed in the 70s) and it is now unthinkable to seriously write software without one.
24 Alternatives to Git Sketch Plugin

Marvel for Sketch

Sync, play and record prototypes in Sketch!

Tejas Kinger- SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc
Best thing ever since sliced bread if you want to watch your website mockups come to life.
Tejas Kinger- SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc
Best Sketch Plugin ever since sliced bread if you are into designing webpages.
Venkata Pracash Gidugu- Principal UX Designer @ Pycker
Great plugin for Sketch when you need a best prototyping tool.
4 Alternatives to Marvel for Sketch


Sketch library for user flows/content maps/annotations

Flowkit is a Sketch library that allows you to quickly build out high-level flows to tell the story of your designs—perfect for presentations and documentation. You have full control over intelligently-named symbols and endpoints, making complex flows a walk in the park.

11 Alternatives to Flowkit
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