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Fluenty alternatives and competitors

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Reply to any message with one touch, using AI.

Top alternatives for Fluenty

The easiest way to supercharge developer productivity
  • Slash Keyboard 2.0

    Smart keyboard with built-in search engine
  • Autoklose 1.0

    10 reviews

    Autoklose automates your email tasks throughout the sales cycle. Find, target, and nurture your prospects effortlessly with the help of machine learning. Easily plan, schedule, launch email campaigns, and use detailed analytics to predict your sales.

    This product will not only save you a lot of time, but also create a system for you that will basically print money on demand! Great tool to…

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  • Smart Reply in Gmail

    Quick suggested responses for emails, using machine learning
  • Rocket Reply

    Rocket Reply is a messaging hub for car drivers who cares about safety. It reads incoming text messages aloud and transforms your speech back into text minimizing distraction while driving.

  • Carin

    Carin is an AI customer care chatbot that you can start using today to significantly drive down your customer care costs. Carin can autonomously solve up to 80% of incoming support queries once she has been taught the basics, all with a single JS snippet added to your product, service or website.

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  • Reply 3.0

    Fullscreen messaging for iOS and Android
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  • Trilyo

    2 reviews

    Trilyo is a guest engagement platform for hotels. Our AI-enabled chat and voice based assistants can render hyper-personalized recommendations on the basis of

    preference and behavior. Our products can also act as a digital concierge service

    and make your business available 24*7

    Must try once, would help interact with customers directly

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