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Fluently Beta alternatives and competitors

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Fluently is an online text editor with a multilingual translator, dictionary, and thesaurus built-in — all text editing and translating features in one simple tool.
Top Fluently Beta alternatives
  • Learn languages completely free.
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    Duolingo is great to quickly learn the basics of a language. However, you will need another app or service if you want to learn in deep.

  • Fluently

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    Fluently is an online distraction-free editor with a translator, multilingual grammar checker, and synonym library built-in. Improve your writing in a foreign language.
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  • Beelinguapp

    Beelinguapp for iPhone and Android shows the exact same text in two languages; side by side. At the same time, it is an audiobook, and with its unique karaoke reading you follow the audio in the text on both sides. New texts are added every week.
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  • Ulangi is an open-source project built for self-learners who want to learn languages with ease and fun. It currently supports learning 25 languages and consists of over 20 features, such as spaced repetition, writing, mini-games, built-in dictionary and more.

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  • Obstino

    Obstino is a macOS application that can help you become a better writer by expanding your active vocabulary. Don’t let the unknown words from your daily readings go to waste, instead, use them to become a better communicator.
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  • Woodpecker is a streaming video player with features designed to help you improve your foreign language skills. Use our awesome bilingual dictionaries to look up words and interact with video subtitles and web pages. Our dictionaries are free, work offline and have no ads.

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  • VocabDepot

    Expand your vocabulary by making and practicing words you want to learn with a few simple clicks. VocabDepot has been designed with simplicity in mind to help you expand your vocabulary.
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