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12 alternative and related products to Flotsm

Anonymously seek opinions on everyday decisions
12 Alternatives to Flotsm

We at Ment are focused on “knowledge analytics” to support better collaborative thinking. MENT is the first smart, AI based, discussions engine, designed for big communities. It is based on combination of human knowledge and data

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Getting even the most well-organized team to agree on anything can be hard. Tel Aviv's, formerly known as Epistema, wants to make this process easier by applying smart design and a dose of machine learning to streamline the decision-making process. Like with so many Israeli startups, ...
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On Collective Debate users take a test of their morality, then debate an artificial agent on a controversial claim. Users indicate how much they agree with the claim, then they exchange arguments with the agent. After the debate, users re-evaluate their position. The agent is trained to make arguments that nudge the user to become more moderate.

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After completing the AI debate - and presumably taking in all the relevant counterarguments - users are asked a second time to indicate their position on the initial question. Yuan's hypothesis was that participants would change their their original assessment after debating the issue.
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Two sided debate where the public decides who is right.

Sometimes you and your friends, partners, or relatives get into debates. Sometimes, you can't agree so we like to hear other people's opinions on our thoughts. Post a question, your take, then invite the one person you want to debate or argue with. They put in their take on the question. The public votes on which side they think is right.

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Save restaurants you love and discover new ones from friends

Etch is an app to save your favorite spots and help you find new ones through the people you know and trust. It’s that simple.

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Built In NYC
The New York experience - where everyone works and plays hard; where nobody sleeps and everyone moves at lightning speed - is exactly how it appears in the media, and there are homegrown apps that are here to make sure you get a taste.
With the weekend up ahead, if you are thinking of going out to dinner, having a few drinks and grabbing a ride share home, we have some startups you need to know about. Each week, TechCo features tech startups that can help your daily life.
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Where should we go for dinner tonight? Can be a challenging question to answer, especially in New York City where there are more than 46,000 restaurants. Maybe you want to ask your Facebook friends for a recommendation or see which places they ate at last week? There's an app for that.
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Spacious members Mike and Brad previously worked at Twitter and S&P Global before leaving to start their own company, Etch. Etch is a restaurant recommendation app that allows people to keep track of the places they love and share their favorites with friends. You can download it in the App Store here.
This is an app for people who refuse to blindly go with the flow We started it because we couldn't remember all the great NYC restaurants and bars we visited. On location, we wanted an easy way to save our favorite places that wouldn't distract or interfere with our real life experiences.
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