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Flogg alternatives and competitors

5 reviews
Buy and sell with your friends and their friends

Top alternatives for Flogg

MicroMRR by MicroAcquire
Free valuations and analytics for your SaaS startup
  • Boost

    Generate smart #hashtags for your products that anyone can text to buy in seconds. No websites, no apps, no checkouts. www.boo.st
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  • Sellfy

    3 reviews

    Sellfy v3 comes with new redesign, store customization, custom domains, ability to sell digital, physical and subscription products.

    I know Maris Dagis personally and have followed how Sellfy has grown into business and how Maris is detail focused person.

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  • Unistore

    Unistore is an online marketplace for students to trade second-hand products with their peers in a safe, quick and convenient way. Every user is verified with his university email. Products can be filtered by university so all transactions can be local, near campus, without any shipping involved.

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  • Boxed | Group Ordering

    Boxed | Group Ordering

    People love sharing their opinions about what to buy online -- what if they could share a cart instead? Crowdsource snacks for the office. Stock the apartment without fighting over who forgot the toilet paper. Let your partner add their favorites while you add yours. Group Ordering by Boxed makes online shopping easy. Simply create a Group Order, then send the unique link to friends and family so they can add what they want. Only you can check out.

    Learn more: https://www.boxed.com/group-order

    iOS App:


  • Swappy

    The app to swap Items with people around you
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  • Chums

    Chums is a community to recommend products to friends.
    1. Make a profile with your favorite products
    2. Ask your friends and interest groups for help
    3. Make group chats just for shopping
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  • 5miles

    1 review
    Buy & sell local

    There are so many app in the present market. So have to choose which one you wants. you can also follow onata app as a reference.

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  • Project September

    Visual shopping app from founder of Gilt, Alexis Maybank
  • Depop

    If Instagram had a marketplace to buy and sell items
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  • GupShop

    GupShop ( SocialComm App) which enables users to avoid fake reviews and Get suggestions from your friends to ensure best products.
    Users are rewarded with points/money for every purchase made via thier suggestion.
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  • Marcha

    Marcha let's you Swap, Sell or Buy products. Yes, it's that simple.
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