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Inflatable rainbow unicorn

8 alternative and related products to #FLOATY

Holy Méme Bath Bomb

You can now literally swim in memes

Holy Méme Bath Bomb is a collection of bath bombs inspired by this year's most notable memes. Our very first collection features Trash Dove, Spongegar, Fidget Spinner, and Evil Kermit.

We got this idea after seeing the popularity of bath bombs in recent months and thought that it would be fun to incorporate Internet memes with unusual products.

9 Alternatives to Holy Méme Bath Bomb

Pom Pom Coffin Float

Functional art piece for your outdoor pool area.

Pom Pom Floats: Pink Coffin is a really unique mix of everything. On one hand you have an eye-catching, fun, inflatable, piece of 'furniture' and on the other a morbid, viral, tactile, work of art. Welcome to Summer 2018 ... have you considered investing in a coffin yet? Death takes no prisoners so run by the pool if you feel like it!

Teen Vogue
We're six days into July, which means we've reached peak pool float season. But this summer's oversize inflatable Instagram prop isn't a flamingo or a butterfly or a swan or even an ironic abstraction of a swan. Nope, it's a coffin, and not just any coffin - a true-to-scale, millennial pink coffin, complete with a lid.
Everyone's dying from the heat this summer, but even ~deceased~ beach bums want to look cute for the vacation 'gram. So... how about this millennial pink coffin-shaped inflatable? Yes, it is complete with a lid you can use to shut yourself in before floating out around the lazy river like it's your wake.
Instagram/@andrew_greenbum We're officially declaring oversized unicorn and swan floats dead, and ditching them for pool accessories of the casket variety. That's right-the latest in outrageous pool accessories is this millennial pink, coffin-shaped pool float. The float-which comes from Canadian designers Andrew Greenbaum and Ian Felton-features a lid so yo… See more
Designers Andrew Greenbaum and Ian Felton of Pom Pom just served 2018 exactly what it deserves-a pink inflatable coffin. We caught wind of the satirical twist on the designer pool floatie trend yesterday morning, and put it to the Instagram poll test, which revealed many people are interested in the
designboom | architecture & design magazine
hurry up and pledge US$120 to get one full-size pink coffin float. feeling generous? for US$399 you can get the limited edition clear or gold colorways.
A little over a week ago, Canadian designer Andrew Greenbaum posted a photo of a pink, inflatable coffin on Instagram. He had made it with fellow creative Ian Felton. It was one of those perfect internet flash points: millennial pink, great for photo op, summertime vibes-a nice "I want to die, lol" undertone.
5 Alternatives to Pom Pom Coffin Float
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