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Flippa alternatives and competitors

Flippa is the entrepreneur’s marketplace, where you can discover new business opportunities. We are the world’s number 1 destination for buying and selling online businesses.

Top alternatives for Flippa

The platform to replace your homegrown importer
  • .app

    .app is a more secure top-level domain for mobile apps, desktop apps, web apps, app developers, and more. HTTPS is required for all websites on .app, making it the first such secure namespace available for general registration.

  • Bye Bye Domain

    Looking at a pile of domain renewals again? Bye Bye Domain is a marketplace to find a buyer for your domains before they expire. We list quality domains for low prices.
  • Side Domains

    A great way to buy and sell domains that you bought for your side-project but had a pivot.
    Domain listing as easy as filling out a sign-up form. Transactions in a way so you have full control. No fees taken. Free forever.
    I mean, why not right? Start earning!
  • tradedomainswith.me

    Have you ever found yourself buying a domain right after you think of an idea for a potential side project and end up not using that domain? Well, you are not alone.
    Find people to trade your unused domains with.
  • Luxe Projects

    Luxe Projects is a curated marketplace for finding high-quality projects available for sale. Luxe Projects also acts as the seller for your project handling everything from advertising your sale to sending over your project files to the new buyer.
  • Brokers Digital

    We help people—individuals, entrepreneurs, and companies buy and sell online businesses. We match both buyers and sellers through our platform by utilizing our valuation, screening and escrow tools.