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Flesh Mesh
Take over your friends face in a video

Flesh Mesh uses the TrueDepth camera on the iPhone X to exaggerate your face in ways never possible with previous cameras. By using the 3D geometry of the face, it can also map your movements onto the structure of somebody else's face. The effect is so fun, it needs to be experienced.

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6 Alternatives to Flesh Mesh

I heard about Zao through the news. It has caused some data and privacy concerns among users. It's now been banned by WeChat in China.

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Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin China is having its own FaceApp privacy storm-you'll need to ignore the irony for a moment, as the ZAO face-swapping app has become an overnight sensation. ZAO enables users to upload images and then its AI engine swaps users with celebrities in video clips.
the Guardian
A new Chinese app that lets users swap their faces with celebrities, sports stars or anyone else in a video clip racked up millions of downloads at the weekend but was swiftly criticised over privacy issues. The app's surge in popularity and sudden backlash from some users highlights how artificial intelligence (AI) technologies raise concerns surrounding id… See more
The Verge
Zao, a free deepfake face-swapping app that's able to to place your likeness into scenes from hundreds of movies and TV shows after uploading just a single photograph, has gone viral in China. Bloomberg reports that the app was released on Friday, and quickly reached the top of the free charts on the Chinese iOS App Store.
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