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Open source, on-premises, Slack alternative

Kesava Mandiga- Curious cat. Writer. Explorer.
A team messaging and collaboration tool that can be self-hosted. All your data, in your control. :)
Brandon Anzaldi- Software Engineer @ ToTheTens
Another open source, self-hosted slack alternative. I know they've definitely been working hard on improving Mattermost, and they have enterprise versions with more features for relatively little per user, per month.
Michael Bachmann
Now with Uber contributing to the development :)
5 Alternatives to Mattermost


A powerful team collaboration and communication tool

Raghavendra Ramesh- ❤️ Products & UI/UX. Designer @Moxtra.
Super helpful for visual content, the annotation and real time calling capabilities make it super easy to get client feedback.
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré- Co-Founder
Moxtra is the collaboration companion that works the way teams do: flexibly and simply, in real-time or anytime. Your iPhone/iPad/iPod has changed how, when, and where you work. And now you can take Moxtra with you to work faster and more productively. With the Moxtra app, you can switch from "What do you think about this?" to "Let’s meet and decide right no… See more
19 Alternatives to Moxtra


Share files, sync, and chat without the middleman

Binfer is an integrated suite of file sharing, sync, file upload and chat. With Binfer you can seamlessly share files, synchronize data, and chat without the middleman.

Built In Chicago
These 50 Chicago startups are poised to make a significant impact in 2018.
Built In Chicago
If the internet is your primary means of communication, you probably have far more sensitive files and documents floating around than you realize. Scattered across servers all over the world, those files could fall into the wrong hands at any moment - and you wouldn't even know it.
9 Alternatives to Binfer

What are good Slack alternatives?

Bernadette JuddMarketer
Flock - Real-time team messenger tool
"The key thing for our team is that Flock integrates all the critical integration that most users need and you get unlimited integrations fo… See more
Twist - There’s more to work than keeping up with group chat
"Twist is great, I've been testing it for a few months, and I absolutely love it! I was surprised how easy it was to switch to Twist. The te… See more

What's your favorite app/tool to run a business efficiently?

Fanny BerringtonLet's make this world better.
Trello - Organize anything, together
"Love Trello to schedule upcoming releases, save ideas, and getting things done."
Zenkit - The project management tool that grows with you
"Zenkit is a project management tool that offers many different views on your data like eg. mind-map, kanban board, spreadsheet, list or cal… See more
BRAND24 - Keep track of your brand online.
"Speaking of time-saving, I guess a social media monitoring tools could be of help as well. If your business is talked about online, you wan… See more

Freelancers, what apps and services do you use the most?

Chakib TsouliProduct Designer
Trello - Organize anything, together
"Trello makes everything wonderful. Even clients who don't normally use Trello seem to understand it intuitively, and it's super flexible."
Slack - Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.
"I contact all my customer through Slack"
My Desk - A smart task manager for freelancers

What is the best app that helps you communicate more effectively with your staff?

Phạm Thanh HuyềnNau Creative Studio
Slack - Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.
"Hard to beat!"
Trello - Organize anything, together
"When working with employees and freelancers, I find Trello to be a really good tool to use"
Recruitee - A fast, easy, collaborative hiring tool
"I love Slack and Trello for general work communication! For a Trello-like experience when you are collaborating during the hiring process, … See more
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