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Flag Times is a tool to quickly and easily see what time it is in other time zones within the Mac toolbar.

Top FlagTimes alternatives
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  • Love timezones for ever! 👉 Follow your teammates and have their local time, no matter if they move! ⛺️ Add places, offices, countries, people, anything and keep track of their local time.

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    - It would be interesting to have a way to organize the people instead of showing everyone, e.g. some tabs like "All", "Friends", "Company X…

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  • My Time Zone is a browser extension for automatic time zone conversion. Just highlight to convert between time zones.

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    Hope this doesn't use other data

  • Timezone.io

    Keep track where and when your team is.
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  • Dato is a replacement for the system menu bar clock. By default, it looks exactly the same, but when you click it, you get a small calendar, calendar events, the current time in various time zones, and more.
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  • Get times for cities around the world straight from the menu bar.
    - Show a clock for each city right in the menu bar
    - Click the icon in the menu bar to quickly see city times
    - Accurate sunrise, sunset and twilight times
    - Select any place around the world to add to the menu
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    Most of these apps are $2-$5, which seems a bit high given what my needs are (to know what time it is someplace else, usually one other plac…

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  • Team Time Zone

    Local clocks for distributed teams who use Slack
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  • Change time on one clock to automatically change the rest. Coordinate your meetings, catch up with friends and see if your mom is awake with Waqt.

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    I'd change this input, so that I don't have to change 'mode' from place to time and vice versa, application can distingush them itself. I do…

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  • Wander

    Wander is a beautifully simple world time app designed for the digital nomad.

    This is our first internal product launch so please let us know your thoughts and feedback. We're planning some cool updates for the future!

    Designed & built by Overlay


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  • Onetime

    Multiple timezones on one simple dial
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  • ClockDock

    The perfect addition if you hide the menu bar.
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  • Never warp your brain with time zone math again.
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  • Mr Wolf

    Browser Extension that replaces your New Tab with a minimalist app to help you track multiple timezones.
    To try it out on the web visit https://mrwolf.app
    No Tracking. 100% Free and Open Source.
    Source code available at https://github.com/beauallison/mrWolf/
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  • Circa

    Find a time that works for everyone, in every time zone
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  • yourtime.zone

    yourtime.zone automatically translates the time of an event into the visitor's local time. Great for organizing global events, such as webinars or live-streams.

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  • Paste A Date

    Paste A Date allows for a quick copy and paste of a timestamp and will convert to your local timezone, UTC and another timezone of your selection making it great for developers and system admins when debugging issues with lots of timestamps.

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  • Zonerly

    Zonerly aims to solve time zone problems. With offline mode and over 50,000 cities supported over the world, you could benefit a lot from it. Planning meetings for distributed team, check current time abroad in different cities, much more time zone converter.

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  • Rdea International Clock is a timeline-based clock to help you quickly work out suitable times across timezones... just drag the timeline.

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