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First Smile is a free scrapbook app for recording the growth of your little one, starting from pregnancy, childbirth / newborn to every first baby milestones. With First Smile, it makes it easier for parents to turn all precious moments into digital memories that will last a lifetime and treasure forever, and share it privately with family.

Top First Smile alternatives
MicroMRR by MicroAcquire
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  • Capture one-second snapshot every day and get a movie of your baby's growing. Just one second. everyday. Precious moments of childhood you will never forget. Use Baby Snap to capture big baby’s moments every day.

    Add baby. Start Snapping! Invite relatives and Snap together. Discuss any Snap in a close circle. Generate a baby movie at one tap!

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    My baby is almost 2 months old. I've been using another app for this kind of thing, but actually really like the experience of Baby Snap. I …

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  • Waddle Photos is a tool that allows you to turn photos and videos of your children into meaningful stories. Share completely privately throughout the day.

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    A good gift

  • Namey helps solve a very real problem: how to choose a name for your baby when there are so many options as well as keen family members ready to offer up their name suggestions.

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    I love it! Good job guys!)

  • Baby Story

    A baby photo book studio in your hand
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  • Skrappify is a paper scrapbook augmented by digital content on the screen of a tablet. Each page of the book is linked to a unique digital design, created by the user on the Skrappify app with drawing tools, photos, videos, emojis, stickers, frames and more. Traditional arts and crafts meet Snapchat-like design tools.

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    One of the coolest tech solution - for all ages - that I’ve seen in the last years.

  • GROW Parenting App

    Track milestones & get 2000+ tips on your baby's development
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  • Wanderlust Scrapbook

    WanderlustScrapbook is online scrapbook to collate, share and remember your trips. It allows you to pinpoint locations you will visit on your journey. These locations can be given their own story by uploading pictures, videos and posts. Stay in touch with friends and family at home by sharing the link, staying connected with your loved ones.

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  • Juno

    Juno is the digital memory book for your child, as app and printed. Be reminded to capture moments according to your child's age and get inspired by existing suggestions. Invite your family members to collect and share memories for your child.
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  • Tweekaboo

    Create a private photo diary of baby and family moments
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  • HiMama

    Allows you to record, share and relive your child’s moments.
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