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Find On Paper
An application that finds desired words in a hard-copy paper

Have you ever want to search a word in a paper? This application will find any desired word in a hard copy page just like searching with CTRL+F. You just need to take a photo of paper and type the word. We will highlight these words in seconds

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3 Alternatives to Find On Paper

Description is just simle as this: Ctrl+F for real world.

Yes, SearchCam provides you to search text with your camera.

Type any text and just hold up your phone or tablet.

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Kombinace Command+F (respektive CTRL+F na Windows) je bezesporu nejefektivnější cestou, jak na Macích vyhledávat konkrétní slova nebo věty. Ostatně se tato funkce dostala i na iOS, kde ji lze vyvolat kliknutím na symbol čtverce se šipkou ve spodní liště v Safari a následném zvolení symbolu lupy Hledat na stránce.
Gadget Hacks
Safari has a convenient "Find" feature to search for specific words and phrases in a webpage, and Apple Books has a similar feature for e-books and PDFs. But those do nothing for you when searching text in the real world.
iOS: Ever read a paper book and wish you could hit ctrl-F? Use the free iOS app SearchCam to search through printed text using your phone's camera. It works on documents, books, packaging, even posters. The app isn't slick, but it's quick, and it works in real time or with static photos.
Have you ever tried to find a word in a long document? If you are on computer is is easy, you can type ctrl-f (or cmd-f) command in your computer and find it in a couple of seconds. Think about you...
Siècle Digital
La plupart des outils, applications et autres logiciels que nous vous présentons sont assez aisés à légitimer en terme d'usage. Pas celui-ci, au premier abord tout du moins. C'est-à-dire que les applications pour SearchCam ne sautent pas aux yeux. J'ai beau me creuser la tête, pas grand-chose ne me vient.
Bir görüntü üzerindeki metinleri tanıyabilen SearchCam , söz konusu metinler arasında istediğiniz kelimeleri bulmanıza olanak tanıyor. İlk olarak geçtiğimiz Kasım ayında kullanıma sunulan SearchCam, tarafından yaklaşık 1 hafta içinde geliştirildi. Metinleri tanıyabilmek için Firebase platformunun Text Recognition kütüphanesini kullanan SearchCam, dijital ort… See more
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