Alternative products to Find.Exchange Currency Converter

11 alternative and related products to Find.Exchange Currency Converter

Find.Exchange Currency Converter

A currency converter with live rates that updates every 3s

11 Alternatives to Find.Exchange Currency Converter

Currency converter in augmented reality with voice dictation

GMoney is an augmented reality currency converter that calculates the exchange rate by simply pointing your camera at a bill.

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The Practical Dev
Today AR app development is gaining high popularity. More and more AR startups and initiatives are appearing on the market. But to get success and bring income they must add value to the users, that is solve their problems or facilitate their life. GMoney is a new iOS application based on Augmented Reality.
Разработчик Александр Хотяшов выпустил приложение GMoney. Оно распознаёт купюры, которые находятся в поле зрения камеры смартфона / планшета и считает эквивалент в выбранной валюте.Пока приложение ориентируется на курсы валют Нацбанка, что позволяет получить примерную оценку. Фактические курсы п
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5 Alternatives to GMoney

World’s first currency for creators

Pyrite is the
World’s First Cryptocurrency
for Creators

Earn Pye by publishing your original content.

You create value online with every blog post you write. Now with the power of the blockchain and cryptocurrency, you can get rewarded instantly for all your online contributions.

Publish your blog posts through Pyrite to earn Pye

6 Alternatives to Pyrite

The fastest currency converter for travellers!

Billy is a really fast and easy to use currency converter app, that allows you to convert between 170 world currencies even offline. It requires a minimum number of steps to convert from one to another, it remembers the last used currencies, and you can favourite your preferred ones for quick access. It’s all you need as a frequent world traveller!

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Have you ever been on a trip and wondered what the local prices would be in your currency back home? When we started doing more frequent travels last year, we quickly realized that the prices in those countries don't mean much until you convert them to a currency you can relate to.
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9 Alternatives to Billy Currency Converter
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