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Fin.do alternatives and competitors

Fin.do is a card-to-card system for instant money transfers in any currency, avoiding bank’s high fees and exchange rates.

Users only need to link their MasterCard cards to Fin.do app and send money to each other instantly, as Fin.do identifies the recipient's currency. No double currency conversion by the issuing bank. Fees are fully transparent

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  • The TransferWise Debit Card is connected to the Borderless account, giving you access to 28 different currencies without the need to move money around.

    When you spend money with your card, TransferWise will automatically exchange it in a way that is cheapest for you, choosing which balance is the best to convert into what you are spending 💷 🔀 💶

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  • Get 5% cashback on all Amazon purchases 💳
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    I've saved hundreds of dollars using this card. You can make it your default card on Amazon and also use it for gas, groceries and other com…

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  • The Uber Credit Card offers:

    🍽 4% back on dining

    ✈️ 3% back on hotel and air fair

    🖥 2% for online purchases

    😻 1% back on everything else

    There's no annual fee. Also earn $100 after spending $500 on purchases in the first 90 days.

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    Nothing more to say

  • When you sign up for Square Card, you get real-time access to your Square balance. Use your business debit card anywhere Mastercard® is accepted, with no monthly fees, sign-up fees, or annual fees. It’s everything you expect from Square.

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    I am definitely intrigued to give it a try.

  • Picture the scene - you’re sat on a beach right now sipping on a pina colada with the wind blowing through your hair, or maybe you’re driving up and down the highway in your brand new Ferrari. Whatever your financial dreams may be, we want to help you get there.

    Introducing Vaults 💰

    Vaults are the easiest, fastest way to save for your financial goals. Whether you choose to round up every transaction, set up a recurring payment or simply make one-off contributions, you’ll be able to set up a Vault in seconds and immediately start saving.

    Round up your spare change 💳

    Whenever you make a transaction with your Revolut card, we’ll automatically round up your payment to the nearest whole number and place the difference into your savings Vault. Magic.

    Set up a recurring payment 💸

    Getting paid at the end of the month? Set up a recurring payment specifying how much and how often you’d like a payment to go directly into your savings Vault.

    Make one-off payments 🤑

    If you don’t want to round up your spending or set up a recurring payment, you can simply make one-off payments to your Vault whenever you feel like it.

    Save in cryptocurrencies 🚀

    When setting up your Vault with spare change activated, you can automatically buy cryptocurrencies with the difference. Think buying a smoothie for £1.50 and then automatically buying £0.50 worth of Bitcoin and storing it in your Vault.

    We are currently only supporting legal residents in the European Economic Area and Switzerland. We're expanding our service globally and aim to launch this year in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and many other countries.

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  • Penta is a free business bank account for European businesses. Sign up online for free at www.getpenta.com

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    Obviously biased :) However, Penta aims to provide world class banking services to small businesses. Join us!

  • Enjoy an exclusive, first-class experience that includes a contactless metal card, earning up to 1% cashback, a dedicated concierge service, and way more.

    Designed with obsessive attention to detail and weighing 18g, the Revolut Metal card is crafted from a single sheet of reinforced steel.

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    Whenever used, whether to pay in a hotel or for coffee, people make positive comments about the card!

  • Atlantic Money

    No longer will you be charged more for sending more. With Atlantic Money you pay just a flat £3 (0% FX markup) to send money abroad, all the way up to £1m. We're unbeatable for transfers over £1,000. Move your money where you need it, when you need it.
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  • Transfr

    Transfr allows you to compare fees and exchange rates for sending money abroad. The service queries various service provides to fetch real-time quotes and consolidates them within a few seconds so you can easily compare the best deals available on the market.
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  • Peeks Social

    The Peeks Social virtual debit card allows freedom and flexibility as another suitable payment option to online commerce. This allows for the convenience of receiving instant payouts without the hassle of waiting for payments to be processed.

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  • Erica

    Erica is available 24/7 to help you with your Bank of America banking needs. She's new and still learning. The more you interact with her, the smarter she gets. Just talk, type or tap and she'll help take care of the rest.

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  • VITAL Card

    VITAL rewards you based on how many friends you sign up. You also get credit for everyone your friends bring in and even their friends too!

    Your VITAL Score determines how much cash you earn every month. The more you share, the higher your score grows.

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