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6 alternative and related products to Fika

A Kindle-like reading experience for the web
Fika is a tool which can help you extract the main content from the webpage and present it in a peaceful reading mode. Other than that, Fika retrieves the table of content and offers four delightful themes: Vanilla, Latte, Blabar, Licorice.
6 Alternatives to Fika

Clear the clutter from your articles. Instantly.

Reony Tonneyck
Reony Tonneyck- Product Designer & EV Advocate
Very simple, effective, and light weight way to turn any web page into Reading Mode. A few customization features as well.
Charles Magnuson
Charles Magnuson- Professional Consumer
Clears the clutter from disgusting-looking news websites so you can focus on the article.
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Reader modes that remove various distractions from a website to give you a simple and clean reading experience can be found on browsers like Mozilla's Firefox and Apple's Safari. Read Also: How to Customize Firefox Reader View for Better Readability Curiously enough, while Chrome for Android does have a built-in reader mode of its own, Chrome for desktop doe… See more
Mercury Reader is a Chrome extension that makes websites and articles easier for students to read. This extension strips away ads which can be distraction and it pulls the information from an article into one simple and easy to read document.
Chrome: Even beyond ads, some websites are so cluttered with autoplay videos, sidebars, and other distractions, they make it hard to actually stick to the one thing you came to read: the post itself. Mercury Reader is a browser extension that cleans up your reading experience in Chrome.
4 Alternatives to Mercury Reader

A feature-packed and customizable article reading extension - like a read mode, but better. It removes the distractions like ads, modals, and navigation from vision, letting the user just read the content.

Кирилл Наумов
Кирилл Наумов- SEO
Clean and simple on page reader!
David Adamu
David Adamu- Maker. Product Designer @Andela
Makes my reading minimal & simple and by extension, clearer thinking.
8 Alternatives to Just Read

A simple, distraction free reader for Chrome

Every day we spend hours reading articles on the Web. Reading is so essential that we believe it needs to be simple and straightforward. Therefore we create Clearly, our new extension that Chrome missed for so long. You can now focus on your favorite items without ads, floats or any other irrelevant things bothering you anymore, enjoy your reading!

7 Alternatives to Clearly

Enkel is a clean and simple RSS reader. If you like me, you probably have multiple news apps or sick go being bombarded with images and popups. I aim to simplify the way you aggregate and check your news.

Inspired by the minimal movement and the challenge of building a black & white UI, I want the user to be able to focus on the content.

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