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Feather alternatives and competitors

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Easily transfer files from any device to anyone, including yourself! Try our web version now.

Top alternatives for Feather

The easiest way to supercharge developer productivity
  • Instashare

    Easily transfer files between your mobile device and desktop
  • Plover

    3 reviews

    Tired of using Airdrop only for Apple devices? Tired of sharing links and getting people's emails? Plover.io is a browser based file sharing made easy.

    See everyone on your local network and send files! All you need to do is go on the link. Don't worry we delete your files automatically afterwards too.

    I now use this to transfer files to and from my non-Apple colleagues.

  • Sally

    1 review

    Sally is a Mac app to transfer files between Mac and mobiles in high speed without USB cables, Bluetooth, even without internet connection, particularly working for large files.

    There's a free alternative: http://portal.pushbullet.com/

  • Blymp

    blymp.io is a webapp that allows you to easily transfer files between devices with high speeds.
    It uses modern technologies like WebRTC, Blobs and WebSockets to allow files to be transferred as fast as possible. And it's ad-free!
  • StreamBIN

    Transfer files by a web browser
  • ToffeeShare 2.0

    ToffeeShare is a private and secure tool to send files via your browser.
    Your files are never stored in 'The Cloud' but are transferred directly (encrypted and P2P) to the receiver.
    There's no file size limit and no account or registration is required.
  • AnyTrans

    AnyTrans fills the gap between Android and iOS, and lets you transfer files across Android phone/tablet, iPhone and iPad freely and seamlessly. Everything flies faster via Wi-Fi than Bluetooth, and keeps its original quality.
  • Poetic.io

    The simplest way to transfer up to 3GB files
  • Descent

    1 review
    A cross-platform peer-to-peer mesh file transfer application that works on all devices without a cloud, bandwidth limitations, or privacy concerns.
  • Filewatch 2.0

    Connect your Google Drive account and scan your files and folders to see who can access them. Filewatch 2.0 is the result of valuable feedback from users. It provides more features and flexibility to better enable you to make sure your files and folders are only shared how you want them to be.
  • Seamless

    Comes with iPhone, Mac and web version (https://seamless.icu).
    Seamless is equipped with a unique feature among other cross-platform file sharing apps: share clipboard text as well.
    Optimized for workflows that needs to share files or text on iOS.
  • SendMusic for iOS

    2 reviews
    Want to get immediate feedback on your new track? Need to collaborate on your release but you keep losing the thread across Dropbox... email... Whatsapp?
    SendMusic is the simple, collaborative platform for music creators and industry professionals.
  • KwiqFlick — Free Secure File Transfer

    KwiqFlick instantly sends files to anyone
    • No Expiration of files and transfers
    • Send large files over 2GB
    • Your files are stored until you delete them
    • Instant transfer
    • Send to anyone with an email
    • All for free
    A simple and easy way to transfer files.
  • Jybe.gg

    1 review
    Jybe.gg is a web app that allows you to share links, images, files, and plain text between all your devices! Just log in on one device, upload what you want, and log in on another device to access it!
    Check it out on YouTube: