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Fat Lama alternatives and competitors

Top Fat Lama alternatives
Tap into cash-flowing commercial real estate investments
  • Omni is a new way to own and access things. Omni Rentals empowers owners to make money on the items they store in Omni while not in use, and allows anyone to access those items - with delivery and pickup straight to their door in as little as 2 hours.

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    Omni is the greatest. Their service and customer support is perfect.

  • Share to friends and sell your rarely used stuff like laptop, camera, snowboard, pram, etc. You can also share books and even vinyl records! Here you can also earn some by renting out own stuff.
    Keeple is looking for partnership and investments to grow.
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    keep me updated when new features will be ready

  • KitSplit

    Airbnb for creative equipment - rent cameras, drones & more
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  • echo.rent is a place to rent items between members of the marketplace. Our aim "We hope to have a positive impact on today's consumer society by providing a sharing community where members can rent items with other users rather than purchasing items for short term use."

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    I always thought this kind of website is needed in today's society; a way to save and make money by working together with our neighbors and …

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  • Metamesh

    Metamesh is a product sharing marketplace that helps people discover new products and gives young brands more views on their products.

    New brands can post their products for sale and their followers can share their items to their following or other social networks. If a user shares a product and it leads to a sale they earn a 5% commission.

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  • TapGoods

    Rent happiness
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  • Peerby

    Borrow the things you need from people in your neighborhood
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  • Quupe

    Quupe is a sharing- economy platform that enables you to rent almost anything from locals in your area. All items listed on the platform are insured up to $10,000, including everything from household items to professional equipment. Since its launch in 2017, Quupe has diverted 2.5 tons of waste from landfills and saved its users more than $150,000.

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  • Booqable

    Booqable is the complete toolkit for your rental business, designed to make your job easier. Managing your inventory, taking reservations and getting paid has never been easier. Whether you accept bookings from your website, by phone or in persion, treat yourself and your customers to a delightful booking experience.

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  • Kyōyū

    We've just launched Kyōyū - our first ever gear sharing platform. It lets you rent out your Canon camera gear or hire the gear you need, quickly and easily.
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  • Booqable for iOS

    Free options
    Take your rental business everywhere you go. As the perfect companion to the Booqable web app, you can now use your iPhone or iPad to create and manage orders, scan barcodes, request payments, and more.
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  • LenderFriender

    LenderFriender is a p2p sharing platform for durable goods, offering the ability for users to setup private groups and customize the items listed within each group. The platform provides a safe environment to share and manage exchanges with friends and family.
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