Alternative products to Fart Scroll JS

5 alternative and related products to Fart Scroll JS

Fart Scroll JS

A playful way to make your website funnier

Fart Scroll JS is an open-sourced tool from The Onion to make any website toot. 🌬️

5 Alternatives to Fart Scroll JS

fARtjacker is the greatest use of augmented reality to date.

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Share TweetState of the fart technology takes AR to the next level. We all know how funny farting can be. We also know how powerful ARKit is as a tool for creatives to create entirely new types mobile applications. Combine the two together and you get a farting machine that will have you and your ...
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5 Alternatives to fARtjacker

Instant, precise scrolling via point & click

Snap Scroll is a Chrome extension that lets you use a long click (for one handed use) or Alt+click (faster) anywhere on the page to instantly scroll to that point.

Having paragraphs and posts snap neatly to the top as you hop through them reduces distraction and is surprisingly satisfying.

Charles Magnuson
Charles Magnuson- Professional Consumer
Simply click on the location you want to scroll to on a web page. No more tiring out your finger with the scroll wheel. This extension makes reading articles or long form content much more enjoyable.
4 Alternatives to Snap Scroll
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