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Fact Check by Google

Google fights fake news in search with 'fact check'

4 alternative and related products to Fact Check by Google

Partial Press

Breaking news according to political bias 🗞

Partial Press is a bias-aware news aggregator. Created as a drop-in replacement for Google News in the age of fake news. It marks breaking headlines as coming from liberal-friendly (blue) or conservative-friendly (red) news outlets. Like a health warning before you click 👩‍⚕️— to make you aware of where you get your daily intake. Uses

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News publisher rankings. Elon Musk asked. We delivered.

Rankings for 250 publishers on the quality of articles they put out and their prevalence with a de-facto set of experts. #FakeNews no more!

8 Alternatives to CivikOwl


A news commenting platform to fact-check the debates

Fiskkit is a news discussion platform designed to favor facts, logic and civility. By putting public discourse into structured data we can use analytics to enable new insights and tools for readers. Fiskkit has the potential to factcheck all online news in real time, and filter trolling.

John Pettus is the Founder & CEO of Fiskkit, which is developing a better way to discuss the news. Fiskkit is a social enterprise that has created a commentary and fact checking system for the Internet. John came by to discuss the election and how Fiskkit will help people on the Internet have more productive and respectful discussions in the future.
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