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Facebook Scrapbook

Facebook Scrapbook alternatives and competitors

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Organize Photos of Your Child on Facebook

Top alternatives for Facebook Scrapbook

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  • Baby Snap

    6 reviews

    Capture one-second snapshot every day and get a movie of your baby's growing. Just one second. everyday. Precious moments of childhood you will never forget. Use Baby Snap to capture big baby’s moments every day.

    Add baby. Start Snapping! Invite relatives and Snap together. Discuss any Snap in a close circle. Generate a baby movie at one tap!

    My baby is almost 2 months old. I've been using another app for this kind of thing, but actually really like the experience of Baby Snap. I …

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  • Life Lapse

    Life Lapse is your free video passport stamp. Take a photo or short video clip of you in front of each place you visit and Life Lapse will stitch it together for you in a fun shareable video, no editing required. You can get creative with it and start far away in your first clip then move closer and closer as you visit more places.

  • Eden Photos

    Free options
    Organize your photos without organizing them 😅
    Tired of manually organizing images? 🥱 Let our AI do it for you 👨‍💻
  • Skrappify

    2 reviews

    Skrappify is a paper scrapbook augmented by digital content on the screen of a tablet. Each page of the book is linked to a unique digital design, created by the user on the Skrappify app with drawing tools, photos, videos, emojis, stickers, frames and more. Traditional arts and crafts meet Snapchat-like design tools.

    One of the coolest tech solution - for all ages - that I’ve seen in the last years.

  • Birch

    4 reviews
    If you take a lot of “reference” pics of things as reminders for later, Birch can make that part of your life a bit simpler! Just snap a photo, add hashtags, and that's it! Create photo notes in seconds and find them lighting fast when you need them later.
  • Bambuba

    Create a beautiful time lapse video of your new baby's pics.
  • Cover Face

    Cover Face is an iOS app that lets you hide faces on photos using cool Emojis! And it's really fast & easy to do it:
    1. Pick a photo.
    2. Let the app detect faces, then tap to cover.
    3. Ready to save or share!
    Lots of great Emojis! With color themes & SFX!
  • Juno

    Juno is the digital memory book for your child, as app and printed. Be reminded to capture moments according to your child's age and get inspired by existing suggestions. Invite your family members to collect and share memories for your child.
  • Picassort

    Picassort is a simple app that helps you declutter your photos collection. It shows all your photos that don't belong to any album. Then you can share, favorite, delete and add them to any number of your albums. Adding photos to albums is as fast as possible.

  • Scrapster: Document your life

    1 review
    Scrapster is the scrapbook of your life, designed to help you create and relive memories. Capture short clips, organize into "Scraps", and export as a movie or montage. Quick, easy to use, and fully private.
  • Segregataur

    🤔What does it do
    This app segregates memes and useless photos from family photographs.
    All processing takes place on your phone.
    Privacy 🤜🤛
    ✨Save Space
    The segregated photos and videos can be deleted with the press of a single button
    💨swooosh!! 🎉