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Spending tracking made easy
16 Alternatives to Expense

All your receipts, invoices, and payments in one place.

Save all your receipts with one click. Do it in 15 seconds, not hours.

- Connect one or more Google, Outlook and IMAP email accounts.

- Paperworks automatically scans your email for any receipts, invoices, and payments.

- Downloads attachments and saves emails as PDFs automatically.

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Beautiful expense tracker app for iPhone

You don't need to have a complicated diary to manage your money. It only stresses that you have to keep your balance straight every time. To manage your money well, manage your spending. All you have to do is make a budget, enter your spending, and that's it. Taler is a simplified money manager that keeps track of budgets and expenses.

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13 Alternatives to Taler

Know where your money goes. Spending tracker for iPhone.

The fast & simple way to know where your money goes.
🔌 Connect with your bank(s)
💡 See all your spending at a glance
⚖️ Check account & card balances
There's more too; monthly statements, daily averages, Face ID login, and it's all encrypted end-to-end.

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Collaborative running total lists built on iCloud.

Spend Stack is a list app built on iCloud that keeps a to-the-penny running total of its item's costs. You can share and collaborate on them with anyone.

Jordan Morgan
Jordan Morgan- Founder, Dreaming In Binary
How about personal productivity? Specifically, around how you make and share lists with those close to you. For example, grocery lists. My wife and I use my app Spend Stack. It's great because it can keep a running total of what things cost: How much would apples be at $1.25 per pound at .75 pounds, with a 20% discount and 7.5% local sales tax? Since it'… See more
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Indie developer Jordan Morgan has today released a nifty new app called Spend Stack, which aims to make it easier to track running totals while shopping. The app syncs across devices and makes it easy to share lists and more.
The Mac Observer
Available for pre-order and set to be released on July 18, Spend Stack is a list app that can keep a to-the-penny running total. It syncs to all of your devices and you can share and collaborate on them with anyone. Just add items to your list, and how much they cost (if you want!).
I love every­thing about Spend Stack... espe­cial­ly the back­sto­ry. If I ever do build my Elephant's Paycheck app, I fan­ta­size that I'd have a sim­i­lar sto­ry and approach. Spend Stack is an app you can use with fam­i­ly mem­bers to track lists of things where you care about the total cost - a shop­ping list, a bud­get for a birth­day par­ty, or the exe… See more
The Indie Dev Diaries Presents... Written by Jordan Morgan * Jul 15th, 2019 Every app has a story. You've heard this before, right? Apple pushes it in their messaging, the press lets you know you should tell yours and general marketing revolves around it.
6 Alternatives to Spend Stack

An automated financial coach available in France 🇫🇷

We guide you with our features, our intelligent algorithms and our team of coaches to help you make the best decisions for your money . We are the only player to be independent of banks in Europe and we can support you without any conflict of interest.

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Paris-based Bankin' is an app that connects with banks in France, the UK, Germany, and Spain to make money management simple, accessible, and enjoyable. Founded in 2011, the startup has just raised a €20 million Series B round from an undisclosed investor, bringing the total raised by the fintech to €28 million.
French startup Bankin' is raising a new $22.6 million funding round (€20 million). The company has managed to attract 2.9 million users in France and wants to become the only app you need to manage your money. Overall, Bankin' has raised over $32 million (€28.4 million). Investors include Omnes Cap...
6 Alternatives to Bankin

Simplify your personal and social finances.

Built to help you to be in control of all your personal and social finances.
Sign up in minutes, create a group, split the bill - get paid back later. All with zero fees while travelling abroad!
Join us while we build the social bank of the future.

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B-Social, a London fintech that currently offers a "social finance" app and beta debit Mastercard, has raised £3.2 million in seed-round funding from undisclosed high-net-worth individuals. However, the fundraise is just the first step in a journey in which B-Social wants to eventually ...
Tech Nation
Tech for social good can be a significant enabler of increased diversity and inclusion in tech. When we think about diversity, we refer not only to people characteristics, like gender, age, ethnicity, neuro-diversity and socio economic background, but geography too.
How two ad guys want to change your relationship with money. Just before the new year in 2015 I sat in a café with an ex-colleague of mine and we decided to build a boutique branding agency.
9 Alternatives to B-Social

Help your CFO control and track company spending

Procurify enhances your company's existing accounting, ERP or AP solutions. With Procurify, finance teams can drive control, compliance and profit through an easy to use purchasing software. You'll be able to create audit logs by tracking all spending, create custom approvals and thresholds, and give users visibility to real time budgets.

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Procurify hasn't just freed up time and created efficiency - it has allowed our accountants to file their reports with the confidence that all their data is up-to-date and accurate.
8 Alternatives to Procurify 2.0

A simple fuel expenditure monitoring tool powered by SMS 🇬🇧🚗

A simple fuel expenditure monitoring tool. Send us an SMS each time you fill-up and we'll do the rest!

Handling multiple vehicles and drivers for only £1/month.

Non US or UK users can participate by emailing until we've got funding for other country numbers!

First 100 users to use coupon PRODUCTHUNT get 2 months free :)

11 Alternatives to Fuelled

Track Debit and Credit Cards, bills auto-magically!

Aaditya Deshmukh
Aaditya Deshmukh- Senior Developer, Dassault Systemes
I have been using this product for a year now. You don't need to input the expenses from Cards or wallets. It scans your messages in real time and keeps track. It has some nifty features like automatic bill reminders, receipt storage. You can set budgets, split expenses with friends too. Developers are friendly and provide quick resolutions. I feel the appli… See more
Himanshu Mishra
Himanshu Mishra- Programmer; Co-founder Persquarebyte
It goes through SMS to get all info. No need to add/link any account.
Shikhar Khanna
Shikhar Khanna- Cross-border Commerce @ Craftsvilla
1. It's super-convenient, reads messages to organise expenses 2. You can split the bills 3. You can link your bank accounts 4. You can transfer money to accounts
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