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The easiest way to supercharge developer productivity
  • Product Hunt 4.0

    Product Hunt is the place to discover your next favorite thing, now with badges, descriptions, reviews, and a bunch more.

    All grown up

  • lucr

    1 review

    Lucr lets startups reward their users which helps attract early adopters. Being rewarded makes customers visit sites they wouldn't normally use.

    Communicate with me and tell me how to use pls ?

  • Betafy

    Where startups meet beta users!
  • Passmarked

    5 reviews

    Passmarked is THE tool I've been looking for to check the quality of websites (mine & clients'). The open source list of tests makes it incredibly useful and flexible for integrating into the development workflow. It's only just been launched but there's already a tremendous amount of coverage that will only get better as more people contribute.

    The tool I wish I'd built!

  • Betatesters.io

    Betatesters.io is a platform where developers and beta testers come together to build better apps. Mobile developers will be able to submit their beta apps to gather feedback to iterate quicker, ship better apps faster, and cultivate a dedicated user base early on.

  • ProjectHunt

    11 reviews
    Discover Top No-Code projects Built In Public 🚀
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  • 10words.io

    2 reviews

    10 word product descriptions delivered to your inbox, or shown in every new tab with our Chrome and Firefox Extensions.

    Perfect for inspiration, or discovering that new product you didn't even know you needed!

    I'm still trying to nail the perfect 10 words before we launch. I feel compelled to launch faster whilst there's still a chance to beat the …

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  • BetaTesta

    2 reviews

    BetaTesta is a platform that helps you as makers get the valuable feedback you need as you develop your products.

    Liked how I was able to filter the data for who to approach

  • SideProjects

    1 review
    This is a lightweight social networking platform that allows you to share early-stage/side projects that you're personally working on in an effort to seek feedback/validation from users within the community.
  • PublicBetas

    Who hasn’t launched a product or feature too soon? We’ve all done it. Developers need beta testers. But it’s not easy to find them, especially if you are pre-launch. When Apple offered public beta links we knew right away we had to build a platform to easily connect developers to testers. Shortly after, PublicBetas.com was born.

  • Beta Family 2.0

    1 review

    We have just released the new version of our crowd testing service. Our goal is to make beta testing easy, accessible and qualitative. We have worked very hard with this update and are proud of the results. All feedback is welcome!

    I have been using beta family site from last 5 years, and i have seen its growth a ..

  • BetaList

    Discover tomorrow's startups, today.
  • Need A Beta Tester?

    A place to get a great beta tester
  • Visual Studio App Center

    1 review

    Automate the lifecycle of your iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS apps. Connect your repo and within minutes build in the cloud, test on thousands of real devices, distribute to beta testers and app stores, and monitor real-world usage with crash and analytics data. All in one place.

  • betaForBeta

    Ever posted your project to Reddit hoping it sticks? r/SideProject sound familiar? Yeah I tried it too. It didn't work. Instead, take the time to make connections, and you'll gain invaluable feedback, community, and, well... users! Do all that on betaForBeta.
  • Hipmatic

    Ask the Hipmatic community to recommend the best clothes, home goods, and outdoor gear.