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Engagor alternatives and competitors

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Platform for social customer service & engagement marketing
Top Engagor alternatives
MicroMRR by MicroAcquire
Free valuations and analytics for your SaaS startup
  • Awario is a social media monitoring tool - a real-time search engine of sorts. It lets you monitor mentions of your brand, competitors, campaigns, or anything else across social media and the web at large, and measure how the word-of-mouth around your product grows over time.

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    I used to work for a higher end competitor to Awario. Now, I’m at a startup running marketing where I don’t have a huge budget. Awario gets …

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  • Zendesk

    Software for better customer service.
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  • FROGED is the fastest way for SaaS businesses to accelerate customer onboarding, support, and retention while avoiding churn rate.

    Quick to install, +1k integrations, and 5 mins data migration.

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  • STARBOX Plugin

    Turn your blog authors into superstars
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  • Monitor is a beautiful, free social media community management tool built by Cloud Campaign.

    Monitor assists with:

    🔍 monitoring social media posts

    💬 managing conversations and comments

    🌎 analyzing audiences

    📝 analyzing post types

    📈 historical follower and post analytics

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  • ScaleVal

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    B2B buyers churn when they don't see how a solution helps their bottom line. With ScaleVal, you can quantify the business value your products deliver, share live views of ROI with customers, and export custom reports that convince buyers to renew and expand.
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  • Onlim is a super intuitive and easy to use social media management tool. You can curate content, create content, schedule and publish posts in the social media calendar. Keep an overview of you overall performance with your dashboard and statistics.

    If you want to work with your team, upgrade to the Business version.

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    The News Feed, Calendar and Statistics Sections are too good to bring this tool to our use :)

  • Losing track of customer issues? Bug fixing slowed down by the wrong tools and internal processes? Wasting time copying & pasting tickets? TaskSift helps product owners, dev leads, and founders to triage defects and create tasks in tools like GitHub.
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  • Finally an app that automatically reads & understands what's relevant in your support tickets *and* shows you why! Get insights into problems that keep CX managers up at night like churn (why customers leave), who are high-risk accounts, and more! Automatic analysis (no tags/setup)! Reports anyone can read (no data science). Results in seconds.

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    Free options
    CINNOX is a total experience SaaS platform that elevates customer and staff experiences with innovative omnichannel engagement and analytics solutions.

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    A self serviceable AI - Driven Insight generator with an intuitive visualization area. The AI powered platform's predictive modelling feature will adapt its model with the data and the user will be able to monitor impact is any changes to critical measures.
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  • Social Report

    Social Report is an all-in-one social media management platform. All the features you need in one, concise package.

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