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Take control of your money, budget, debt & savings

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Empower is the best way to realize hundreds of dollars in savings and manage your finances!

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Marius Mischie- Software Architect
I've been using this app for a couple of weeks now and it works great. I can connect my bank account, maintain multiple wallets and it has a great UI!
Sambruce Joseph- Product Designer
I use Spendee everyday. Spendee is the most easiest to use and beautiful UI money tracker out there.
Sambruce Joseph- Product Designer
I use Spendee everyday to track my expenditure
28 Alternatives to Spendee 2.0


Manage subscriptions and recurring bills

Upodi is an enterprise grade automation platform, for handling subscriptions in digital and online services. Easy to start, and extendable for future nees.

Aarhusiansk Upodi har lavet softwaren, der understøtter alt det praktiske, når produkter eller services skal sælges på abonnement. Nu har de fået en millioninvestering til at indtage det europæiske marked. Vi skal ikke mange år tilbage, før det kun var telefonen, avisen og den store tv-pakke, der kørte på abonnement.
In a disruptive world of cloud based services and applications, subscriptions hold the foundation of your customer experience. Upodi empower customers to stay enabled, monetize recurrent relationships and provide tailor made customer experiences.
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Budget management for project teams

Jellyfish helps you manage multiple activities, events, or project budgets in parallel, with multiple teams. It then allows you to group budgets and extract reports per activity, project, program, time-frame, location or any other grouping needed...up to the general P&L of the entire company or organization.

It works as a standalone solution as well as a complementary app to existing financial and accounting systems. Data can be transferred from and to Jellyfish using extremely easy CSV import/export.

Jellyfish is designed for the general non-finance, non-tech savvy user; account set-up and team onboarding can be done in 15 min.

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Looking an App to manage personal life

Stephen Donaldson
Empower - Take control of your money, budget, debt & savings
"These guys had a good launch recently around financial management. Only available in the US though."
Evernote - Note taking gets even simpler
"This may not be a sexy recommendation but Evernote rules. I have a pro account and share notebooks with my wife. We manage side businesses,… See more

What's the best finance app in Android for couples / families?

Riddhiman Adib
Empower - Take control of your money, budget, debt & savings
"I don't know what's currently the best for android - but I would join Empower's android waiting list. I've tried most of the personal/famil… See more
Splitwise - Share bills and IOUs. Make sure everyone gets paid back.
"If you are looking to sync expenditures and keep a track then it's great."

What money management product "outdoes" Mint?

Anthony RecenelloDating Coach and Head of Wolf & Garden
Empower - Take control of your money, budget, debt & savings
"Easier to use than Mint, in my opinion, and way better for managing my budget across my accounts. It's new but I've been testflighting it f… See more
Prosper Daily - Track & control your money like a boss
"Similar to Mint, great looking UI, and seems to focus more tools on catching fraudulent charges than other apps I've seen."
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