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12 alternative and related products to Email Validator!

Email Validator!
Free JSON API that gives you a simple way to validate emails
12 Alternatives to Email Validator!

Find, extract and verify emails automatically

Collecting email addresses, it’s not hard & time-consuming anymore and this time it is free for you.

Collect more email addresses and get more leads with MailDump!

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Tools For Recruiters |
Scan through sites and grab email addresses Mail Dump is a Chrome Extension created by Devro Labs that easily pulls any email addresses from websites. It can work on any site, including search results, creating a list of email addresses that you can then export. Mail Dump scans through a site using its ...
8 Alternatives to MailDump

API for authentication, email sending, images and more!

Base offers your next project an API that handles user flow (sign up, sign in, forgot password), email sending, file upload, image upload and processing including crop and resize, all with only one API key and a nice clean UI.

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The DEV Community
I work in an agency ( Digital Natives) which creates products (large and small) for clients. We are there from the design and validation phase up until the MVP development, which I'm part of as both frontend and backend developer.
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Quickly validate and verify your email lists.

Evgeniy Antonov
Evgeniy Antonov
This is a really great tool, that I use for email verification. Very easy to use and, what is more, absolutely free.
Helen Stivens
Helen Stivens- Marketing Manager at
Hi, everyone! If we all know, before sending the email campaign, we need to validate our mailing list. So today I want to recommend It works fast and has a reasonable price.
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See which companies are using Proofy, compare its alternatives, and read reviews from verified users and experts
11 Alternatives to Proofy

Create email lists from Linkedin Sales Navigator

Wiza allows you to turn any LinkedIn Sales Navigator search into a clean list of verified emails, ready for outreach.

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Two years ago, I started a cold e-mail agency called Kindling. The idea was simple, you tell us who you target, and then we work together to create some templates and cold e-mail messaging. After that, we got to work finding leads on Linkedin, and reaching out with an email that persuaded them to try the product.
6 Alternatives to Wiza

The email validation service for your web platforms

Eva is a pay-as-you-go email validation service to keep your web platforms free from fake or disposable email accounts. It provides the most common CMS plugin integrations, methods to directy connect to its API for custom development, and an easy to use online file validation option.

4 Alternatives to Eva

Email, IP address and phone number validation API service

Antideo maintains large database with spam and scam records, IP locations and infected ranges, proxy records and many more. We are keeping our database updated regularly from various sources, as well as collecting some of the data ourselves.

Sony Joseph
Sony Joseph- Senior accounts professional
My company is using the product, the service is cheaper than most of the vendors out there and gets the job done. Definitely doesn't have all the bells and whistles but is value for money
Bibin PS
Bibin PS- Software development company
Antideo allows real time verification of email addresses and they provide this via an API, so you have total flexibility in integrating it to your website. The API also detects location, free email ESP etc to further help in reducing fraud
15 Alternatives to Antideo

Validate and clear your email lists from bounces 💌

Our service will be useful to those who are working every day to increase conversion in email mailings and want to decrease bounce rate. We will also be useful to those who want to know who is behind that email.

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Hacker Noon
Google shut down their social media platform Google+ on April 2, 2019. It's hard to find some technical article that hasn't mentioned the end of Google's social network era. But, a high level of consistency in connectivity within services of the company had received scant attention.
10 Alternatives to Mailcheck

The most easy and real time email verifier

Steve Harry
Steve Harry- Growth hacker
Simple email verifier in your budget.
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If you're wondering how to find email addresses, you've come to the right place. We've all been there: you know who you want to contact - now if only you could find their email address. Ugh. The dreaded search. Some might resign themselves to mindless Googling.
8 Alternatives to Kintegra Email Verifier

Clean your existing email lists with mailbox verification

Mailgun has been hard at work developing the fastest Email Validation service on the market, based on data from billions of emails sent. Upload a .CSV to validate a large list of email contacts and get rid of invalid/risky addresses before you send a message.

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Cleaning an old email list is one of those must needed chores that nobody really wants to do. You have to do it, but you push it back because other priorities pop up. It's easy to jump the gun and skip cleaning that list, but that's only going to do more harm than good to [...]
9 Alternatives to Bulk Email Validation
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