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elocance is a mobile app that lets you save and curate YOUR OWN content, turn it to audio and listen on the go. Features include HD voice options and accents you can pick from, playlists, newsletters directly in the app, reminders for when to listen and more!
Top elocance 2.0 alternatives
The easiest way to supercharge developer productivity
  • Play.ht (for Medium) is a Free Chrome Extension to Listen to any article on Medium as an Audio Narration.

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    Can try a feature to match the speaker voice to match with the authors voice.

  • Pod Hunt is a daily curation of the best new podcasts. Discover the latest podcasts that everyone is listening too.
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  • Listen to articles from around the web
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    This is so nice, you guys. This is unbelievably resourceful for a lazy slacker like me who continuously procrastinate reading just because i…

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  • Listle lets people save time and enjoy content on-the-go. Instead of sitting in front of your computer reading your favorite blogs, you can listen to them while you commute, run or cook. All audio articles on Listle are read by humans.
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  • Syncr is a multi-platform tool that stitches together a podcast from a bundle of your favorite YouTube videos that you can listen to anywhere at anytime.

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  • Readaway 2.0

    * Scan any document or book page to listen to
    * Bookmark and store your articles and blog posts offline - Minus the ads and pop-ups
    * Type or copy-paste text to convert to audio to proofread
    * Listen to articles and blog posts in 22 languages in 60+ voices
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  • curio.io

    Writing worth listening to from top publications
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  • Freshreader

    Freshreader lets you save content from all around the web to read it later, and will automatically let go of items after 7 days.
    No more reading list so large you dread opening it.
    Read what you find interesting, then let go of the rest. ✌️
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  • Audilog

    Problem: I got bored reading a lengthy article about Neuralink (https://waitbutwhy.com/2017/04/neuralink.html). So, I needed someone to read it for me.

    How it works: Browse to the web page within the app, tap the Speaker icon.

    Additional Features:

    ➡️ Create playlist of web pages

    ➡️ Collect the latest RSS feed (if any) of the website

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  • Redesigned Texie version 6:

    -AI for instant text recognition and/or TTS

    -On the go/no time to read?

    -Teach children to read in 30+ languages

    -Highlights spoken word & auto scrolls page

    -Enhance learning - listen to notes/key facts

    -All processed on device.

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  • Speech Central

    Browse the web while driving, running, doing housework, etc.
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  • PaperOak

    Do you like Reading? If you do then this app is for you.

    PaperOak lets you browse and read articles from all around the world. We offer you articles from a growing number of well-established sources and interesting categories.

    No matter what your likes and dislikes are, you will always find interesting articles to read on PaperOak

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