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8 alternative and related products to Ella the Engineer 2.0

Ella the Engineer 2.0
A comic encouraging young girls interest in STEM
Graphic novel series & mentorship network fostering young girls’ interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills. Curious & adventurous!
8 Alternatives to Ella the Engineer 2.0

Build a wand. Learn to code. Make magic.

Build a wand and learn to code with step-by-step challenges, inspired by the Wizarding World

The wand works with software and a connected app to capture movements and turn them into rich effects. It lets you make serpents slither, toads transfigure, fires flow, feathers float, goblets duplicate, and more.

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Bloomberg Quint
When it's released in October through a partnership with Warner Bros., Kano's Harry Potter coding kit will cost $99 and introduce children to programming languages such as JavaScript, which has real-world uses in modern web design and software development.
The Telegraph
There are few things that can spark a child's imagination quite like Harry Potter. Now, London-based technology start-up Kano has partnered with Warner Brothers to harness the magical potential of the fictional world to teach young people how to code.
Kano has been an undeniable success story. The company, which began life as a Kickstarter project, had shipped north of 200,000 of its Raspberry Pi coding kits by the end of last year. 2017 also saw the company raise a $28 million round and get backing from Sesame Street's Sesame Ventures.
Harry Potter is turning his attentions from battling dark wizardry to teaching kids how to code, after DIY computing kit maker Kano today unveiled a partnership with Warner Bros to launch a new coding kit.
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A list of zines for developers & resources to make your own

I love zines and learning about development, so thought it'd be fun to gather together links to some of the best zines on topics of interest to developers - from AI, to game dev, Git, and coding. There are tech zine events and resources to make zines too.

8 Alternatives to Dev Zines!

Science and engineering experiments in your pocket

PSLab is a small USB powered hardware extension for your Android phone or PC that lets you measure all kinds of things. It comes with an Oscilloscope, Multimeter, Wave Generator, Logic Analyzer, Power Source. Open Source Android or desktop apps to view and collect the data. Hundreds of compatible I2C standard sensors. No programming needed.

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A STEM book and more! Join the upbeat adventure as Ara and her droid DeeDee use smarts and grit to figure out an algorithm to solve a BIG problems. Pre-order now! Available from October 11.

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People got angry when a Barbie doll was introduced that spoke the phrase "math class is tough." Yet 26 years later, there is still plenty of evidence that girls avoid the STEM subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Komal Singh at Google noticed the trend herself, and decided to do something about it.
"Engineers are boys." What do you do when your 4 year-old-daughter-proclaims this? Start a passion project, collaborate with your peers, and publish a children's picture book to bust that bias. I wrote "Ara the Star Engineer" to inspire young kids to explore the magic of STEM. And it took a village to do it.
The Globe and Mail
When Komal Singh read to her four-year-old daughter, she found there was something missing. Where were all the books about women in engineering, or any other STEM field for that matter? So the Google program manager and mother of two young children recently became a children's author.
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